The 10 Best Zombie Films Of All Time! Do You Agree?

We in the Cools And Fools office love everything gory and zombie and as it is a special week for us as one of our staff writers releases his first short zombie story on Amazon we thought we would celebrate this by doing a few zombie related posts.

Love them or hate them, zombie films are here to stay and they are loved by many.

They force us to confront our biggest fear, death and living in a dead state or being killed in the most ‘gorific’ fashion.

Zombies are relentless, they will follow you to the ends of the earth and they no longer slow down and tire like we normal folk do, they keep on and on looking for ‘fresh meat’.

The idea of the Zombie and the living dead came to the forefront of popular culture after it was brought to life in a serial article entitled The Magic Island by William Seabrook who recounts the story of the newly dead being brought back to life by Voodoo and forced to work on the plantations on the American-occupied island of Haiti (between 1915 and 1934).

This story was based on the myth that originated by the people of the island who heavily believed in Voodoo, it has since been proven to have been falsified (Really? Zombies are real, what you on about?)

The C&F staff have all been asked to name their favourite zombie films and the results are below, these are in no particular order, they are just our favourite 10.

1. White Zombie (1932) – Directed by Victor Halperin

10 best zombie films ever 1


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