The Amazon Ape Man: Is This The Missing Link Or The Work Of A Brilliant Make Up Artist?

Are these 75 year old pictures of a supposed apeman which was found in the dense jungles of Brazil the proof of the ‘Missing Link’ connecting modern man with the ape family?

The images first appeared in the Dutch magazine Het Leven in 1937 and they were convinced that the furrowed brow, giant lips and monkey style walk were of simian nature as well as manlike. They described the creature as a ‘mystery apeman’.

Recently the internet has been awash with speculation, debate and theories following the images appearing on imgur and then reddit but what is the truth?

Many believe this is the work of an incredible ‘Hollywood’ style makeup artist, think King Kong movie of the 1930s and then the later Planet Of The Apes from the 1960s, there is a similar look.

Others believe this to be a historical evidence of a real anthropological marvel. It might be an apeman or it could just be some deformity similar to Joseph Merrick the Elephant man of the Victorian days.

amazon ape man 1

The apeman is pictured here in 1937 in Brazil in a photograph published in the magazine Het Leven

amazon ape man 2

One would expect there to be a little more hair on the arms, knuckles and face if this was an ape come man like creature.

Instead of changing the perception of science and helping to re-write the history books the images have caused more doubt and scepticism. Not that we, the non-scientific general internet users, are really going to have a clue as to what genetics would throw up and what a real apeman missing link creature would or could actually look like!

Some say that the apeman’s mouth and brow are prosthetic and stuck to the face using rudimentary make up. They say that you can clearly see the line of the prosthetic mouth covering the original mouth as it sweeps up to the nose from the chin.

The forehead would normally be covered with hair to hide any tell-tale lines of false prosthetics which appears to be the case here.

Some say that the wild apeman appears to be pretty well groomed, clean shaven and dressed in trendy clothing which also throws doubt on the story however we forget this is from the early part of the 20th century, things were different, they were colonial people with class distinctions who loved to dress up animals and put freaks in freaks shows so I don’t agree that it appearing smart is conclusive proof of it being a hoax.

However I am more likely to think that a wild apeman would not take too kindly to being dressed in unnatural clothing unless it was drugged. I imagine it would have been very hard to dress and shave him!

Some think that the apeman was born with deformities and had some prosthetics added to make him look more like a newly discovered apeman like creature and exploited. Remember this is the kind of thing they did a lot in them days.

If that is what this is, the hoax would not have lasted long as the mouth which many believe to be moulded and painted rubber cannot move or used and trying to hold a furrowed brow for long is really hard work. Seriously, go and try it yourself… hold a frown for several minutes when you do not want to and you will realise it is pretty damn hard.

amazon ape man 3

Big Foots, Yetis, Yowies & Apeman Mythology

There are those though that still believe in the existence of mystery apemen and why not? Many cultures across the globe throughout history have recorded the existence, sightings of and belief in large apeman creatures that walk upright on two feet who have hands like us humans.

Who hasn’t heard of the Abominable Snowman or Yeti sightings in Nepal and the ‘Big Foot’ sightings of North America?

The De Loys Apeman Incident

Between 1917 and 1920 Swiss oil prospector Francois De Loys led an expedition along the borders of Columbia and Venezuela. While camped in 1920 near the Tarra River two mysterious looking ape like creatures standing 1.57 metres tall approached the camp and began howling and gesturing loudly at them.

A little concerned for the safety of the group the ape like creatures were fired at and one was killed. It appeared to be male, De Loys and his team realised that they had discovered an unusual ‘new’ species of animal.

The creature resembled a spider monkey but had no tail and 32 teeth whereas most monkeys found in the Americas have 36 teeth. De Loys propped the monkey up and took a photograph before skinning the monkey with the intention of keeping the skin and skull.

amazon ape man 4

This is the picture taken in 1920 by De Loys of the apeman who stood upright and was aggressive towards him and his team.

Unfortunately the skin and skull were lost when the expedition encountered serious difficulties while trying to leave the dense jungle. When De Loys returned to Europe he did not tell anyone about the encounter until 1929 when a close friend, George Montandon who was an anthropologist, found the photograph while searching through some of De Loys possessions.

Critics claimed that the one photo was not substantial enough to give proof to De Loys claims, because the tail cannot be seen does not mean it is not there and many have said the crate that it is sat on is less than 20 inches high making the monkey less than 4 feet tall and not as tall as De Loy claims. It is virtually impossible to get a sense of height and depth from this one picture.

However cryptozoologists who study lost species and mythical creatures say that the De Loys apeman is very different to the spider monkey and other monkeys of the region as it has a much higher forehead and its chest and hands are also different.

The Biscardi Big Foot Incident

big footThe wilderness explorer C Thomas Biscardi from California spent nearly 10 years searching for the legendary ‘Big Foot’ or ‘Sasquatch’ as it is known. On the 10th of May 1980 he took this famous photo of it casually strolling out of the trees.

Again many people believe it to be faked, after 10 years of looking and finding nothing you can understand a frustrated person may try and save face by taking a cheeky deceptive snap to show something for the time lost looking for it.

It does look very much like a man wearing an ape suit hired from a fancy dress shop though!

Group Claims To Have Undeniable Proof Of Bigfoot and New Unseen Video

Sir Edmund Hillary’s Search For The Himalayan Yeti

edmund hillary

Sir Edmund Hillary who conquered Mount Everest planned to capture the infamous Yeti on a trip to the Himalayas, he is seen here showing reporters a sketch of what people think the creature looked like. I am sure you know that Sir Edmund Hillary was not successful in his attempt.

The Australian Aboriginal Mythical Yowie

amazon ape man 5

The ‘Yowie’ is the Australian version of the mythical apeman which also inhabits the woodland areas.

What is interesting is how the mythical apeman creature is not just a one off localised story but is a worldwide phenomena, on the largest island continent of Australia the Aboriginal people have their own apeman creature called the ‘Yowie’ which lives in the woodlands.

Unlike the 8 feet tall North American ‘Sasquatch or the Nepalese ‘Yeti’ the Australian ‘Yowie’ is believed to only stand around 5 feet tall. Could this be more similar to De Loys apeman creature as seen in his photo?

Whatever you believe, and whether the images above are real or faked, the stories of apeman creatures that stand tall are not only fascinating but they have been around for centuries with many civilisations spanning the globe claiming sightings of these mythical beasts.

They are either in very small numbers, intelligent enough to hide very well or they are creatures from another dimension or even aliens from another planet…. And that is another story for another day! 🙂

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