The Lake Of Death. Everything That Touches It Turns To Stone!

There is a rather eerie and surreal body of water as still as a mill pond sat deep in the heart of Tanzania. This lake has a deadly and dark secret though. Any animal that unfortunately comes into contact with the water then undergoes a rather slow and painful death.

They are turned to stone. (Or so it looks)

No, this is not some horror movie or fantasy film. This is real.

The water in the lake is highly toxic due to its constant pH of 9 to 10.5. This extremely high level of alkalinity preserves the creatures in this state forever.

These photos are the work of Nick Brandt and are taken from his new book Across the Ravaged Land

Check out these rather creepy photos of the unlucky ones.

Oh and remember, if you visit yourself – stay a safe distance from the edge of the water!







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