The ULTIMATE Toilet List. I Bet You Have Never Been On These!!

Is something we all do, and its the same for everyone.

Nobody’s smell like roses either.

I am talking about that porcelain God you have hugged after a heavy night out.

The Toilet.

Its a great invention really, without it we would be living in a disease rid cesspit, literally.

We can thank old Joseph Bramah  for the invention of the flushing loo way back in 1775 but it did not really go mainstream until many years later.

Anyway, enough of the history lesson.

Can you imagine spending some time on these beauties? Whether it be a number one or a number two I expect these are not like the toilet you have in your own home.

Some are comical, some are damn right outrageous and others are actually quick practical.

The 4-way street urinals in The Netherlands are a very practical setup and seem to be popping up all over Europe now.

Here is the Ultimate Toilet List.






The next ones are even more insane! Check them out……


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