This Family Shows Why Everyone Should Have A Chalk Board Table With These 38 Fabulous Pics

If you have never considered having a chalk board table before, these 38 pictures will convince you too get one.

Take one old dining table and a tin of chalk board paint and what do you get? A table full of fun and love.

Not only can they be fun but they can keep a relationship happy.

Finding a hand drawn picture or message on the table can put your loved ones in a happy state, put a smile on their face and generally keep that spark of love well and truly lit.

Scroll through these excellent pics and then go and make your very own chalk board table!

It’s always nice to come home to the parental home for tea and see a giant picture waiting for you. That night they were having a spaghetti dish… hence the famous Lady & The Tramp picture.

A chalk board table can keep the heart happy by leaving little messages for each other.

You can wish each other a great day and great journeys like the pic above.

You can leave wonderful reminders of holidays to come… and holidays of the past too.

A chalk board table is great for Instagram foodie pics.

Ohhhhh my god! Are those fried eggs on that pizza? I sooooooo  want a breakfast pizza!

Keep scrolling through for more fab pics…….


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