A Man Gets 200 Matches After Posing Himself As A Toilet On A Dating Site. Must Read To Believe True Story

Meet Oliet, a toilet who became a celebrity overnight on Tinder


Sometimes you read things that make you think ‘really?’ and this story is one of them. Proving that ‘what is said’ can reel people in better than your profile image.

Obviously a very bizarre profile image can help ‘break the ice’ as did this one of a toilet. Writer Alex Scola spent a week posing as ‘Oliet’ on the dating site Tinder.

What’s really impressive is that Oliet even managed to generate 200 matches in just 24 hours! It was roughly equal amount of matches with men and women.

Look at this beautiful toilet with these fine details, don’t you find it irresistible and curvaceous?


Below is a series screenshots of the chats ‘Oliet’ had with potential lovers from his smartphone.


What goes on next is really bizarre…


Now prepare yourself for something so weird like this…

rsz_tinder-6 (1)

OMG! made for each other

rsz_tinder-7 (1)

It gets better… or worse depending on your opinion 🙂 …

rsz_tinder-5 (1)

Seriously some people are not satisfied with one thing. More they get, less it seems…


Aw! so clean…

rsz_9 (1)

Okay finally this one is awesome!


Ok so these are not serious matches, it is all a lot of fun but still, it is a very crazy story…. and true.

Man Poses As A Toilet On Tinder And Gets  200 Matches

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Source: The Metro

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