You Won’t Believe How Cool & Spacious This Tiny House Really Is Until You Look Inside! Truly Amazing!


Make your cooking experience even more delightful with this elegant modular kitchen. It is just like any normal kitchen but unique in shape with basic amenities like an oven, sink, stove, microwave and plenty of storage.

I thought the bathroom might be a little claustrophobic, but as you can see it appears to be very spacious. This house is just so cool.

japanese odd shaped house

It might be small but looking at the plans above the layout was designed to be as spacious as possible in this tiny house. Superb planning!


The plot is so tiny; but the house is huge in character and style and can be seen standing proud amongst the other buildings in the area. We at Cools and Fools say hats off to the architect and his creativity.


The house looks appealing from the outside,  compare it to the pick up truck parked close to it and it looks like a 2 storey garage but it is not, it is an incredible and spacious ‘Tiny House’

This house might be small, but it also comes with a fair bit of outside area which can be used for a garden or play area for children.

Not only does it have a lot of space, all the mod-cons you expect in a new build but it will also give you panoramic views of the nearby river as well!

So would you want to live in this incredible and beautiful tiny house? I most certainly would.

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