The ‘Must See’ Wonderful And Unusual Decorated Manhole Covers Of Japan.

Every city has its own unique ‘must-see’ tourist sights, they also have plenty of manhole covers and believe it or not, in Japanese cities, the manhole covers are actually a tourist sight.

Manholes are usually covered with boring heavy metal disc shaped lids designed to prevent people falling down into the sewers and service tunnels. (I believe nobody would like to experience the ‘not so nice’ sewage system) of the city.

However, if you are lucky enough to be in Japan then make sure you take a look at the roads and pavements, you will be amazed to see beautifully crafted manhole covers.

They are designed specifically to  make the cities more ‘beautiful’ and appealing to the people who live there and tourists who visit.

The artistic design of these covers represent the culture, heritage and integrity of Japan and will be an enriching treat for all tourists art lovers!

Popular Japanese themes were used in the desigs of the manhole covers like cherry blossoms, architecture etc

This one is located in Nankou, Osaka.



What are considered as ‘trivial’ and ‘dirty’ everyday street ‘stuff’ by many can be works of art making proper use of  beautiful, colorful and world-class designs.



This one is located in Nara. It is a spectacular representation of an autumn landscape which is situated next to Horyu-ji, a famous Buddhist temple.



They maybe beautiful works of art they are still 100% safe and user-friendly posing no risk to pedestrians. So while stopping to admire these beautiful covers, don’t forget you are on your way to somewhere else, it is possible these could make you late!



 This is a simple design yet very cool.




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