What This Girl Did Behind Her Boyfriends Back Was Simply…. Unexpected!

She had it planned, he was going out of town for 5 days and she was going to do something very sneaky involving another man!

He was in for the surprise of his life!

He didn’t come home and find her in the act of some kind of treachery, no what he found was an unexpected and wonderful surprise.

What he found was a dedicated room or a ‘man’s cave’ as we call them specifically for him to store his film memorabilia, figurines and his arcade game. He now has a dedicated play room.

She either really loves him deep down or was fed up of them all kicking around in boxes all over the place! J Either way she secretly decided to get her brother who is a carpenter to help her create this great room for him.

Does doing this for her boyfriend make her the best girlfriend ever?

An unused storage room is where it all began.

image 1

She had to work fast, she only had 5 days while he was out of town.

image 2

The old carpet was removed and the first coat of paint applied to the walls.

image 3

The room needed a new floor which was laid.

image 4

Her brother was a carpenter who helped to get the room done.

image 5

The wall was bare and her brother built the shelves to house the toys and figurines.

image 6

This is what the shelves look like now they are filled with his collection of play things.

image 7

He has a collection and display any collector would be proud of.

image 8

So a woman creates a room specifically for your toys and games and encourages you to enjoy them… for many men out there, she is their perfect dream girlfriend! 🙂

Original Source: Imgur.com

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