Would You Buy This 7 Bedroom Mansion With Sea Views For £500,000? I Would If I Could!

I WANT THIS!! If only I could afford it.

Have you ever wanted to simply isolate yourself from the craziness of the world and the people around us?

I have…

Have you ever wanted to go off grid and become self sufficient?

I have…

Well if you wanted a property that had 7 bedrooms, incredible sea views, had no neighbours and wasn’t far from the centre of London then this place could be for you… that is if you have a boat and love fish.

This is a bomb proof old military fort in the Thames Estuary which is up for sale for £500,000, it is a lot when you consider that it is derelict and in need of a complete re development.

It has the prestigious address of being know as Number 1 The Thames.

thames fort 3.jpg

BBC News Disused fort on River Thames up for sale

It was built in 1855 and is just off Grain Island, has 15 foot thick walls in parts and can only be accessed by either boat at high tide or a muddy half mile walk at low tide.

If you fitted this out with solar panels to supply the electricity it could be an excellent self sufficient home.

river thames fort for sale 2

If food is in short supply, which it could quite often be, you could sit and do plenty of fishing for your super.

river thames fort for sale 3

I see some green growing, there isn’t a lawn or a vegetable patch but if you covered a roof or two with soil and turned them into vegetable patches you could possible grow food to be more self sufficient. You will need it as a trip to the shops would be a big job and a chore I believe. I doubt Tesco or Asda will do store to door delivery for this home.

river thames fort for sale 4

It has had some visitors as you can see by the spray paint but they had to be determined visitors. Convert this place into a home and you will not be pestered by door to door salesmen, Jehovah’s Witnesses or family just calling in for a cuppa as they ‘were passing’.

river thames fort for sale 5

The building offers incredible views which would be fantastic as you sit watching the TV with a beer or two.

river thames fort for sale 6

It was bought by builder Simon Cooper around ten years ago who planned to develop it up but his dream unfortunately didn’t happen. He has put it up for sale with Putney based estate agents Riverhomes for £500,000, whoever buys it would need at least £1 million to spend on developing it into something worth living in.

An underground house music DJ & promoter Scott Rozario has set up a crowd funding cause hoping to raise enough money to buy the fort and convert it into the Ravers Fort for what would be some incredible parties. You can see more about this crowd funding venture here Ravers Fort.

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Original Source: Metro, BBC


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