Would You Want To Live In These 13 Places? Google Street View Showing The Worlds Worst Places To Live.

With latest technological advancement, the world appears quite small, where one person can get connected to another part of the world by some amazing tools.

Google Maps and its Street View feature is one such tool which helps us explore around the world. You can be just anywhere, anytime and simply at your leisure experience some unique areas where you can’t be in reality.

Whether you are shopping freak, foodie or just a curious soul, Google Maps have all answers to your every question. So get ready for a voyage to these 13 places through Google Street View and you will see why you shouldn’t go to these ‘forbidden’ places… To see more just scroll down!

1. Rocinha in Rio De Janeiro

This is situated in Brazil and considered to be the world’s largest ‘Favela’. Wait before you jump into any weird conclusion, let me tell you that ‘Favela’ is a Brazilian slum located in urban parts. Incredible it is!

2. Liberty City, Miami

What’s in a name? Right!

3. Tepito, Mexico City

It is a well known area for its ever increasing crime rate.

4. Skid Row, Los Angeles.


This place is considered to have the largest population of homeless people in the United States.


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