10 Incredibly Mysterious Historical Discoveries Which Force Us To Re Write Our History Books

History is always an intriguing and often debatable subject.

With various ongoing excavations finding artefacts from our past which just amaze us and force us to question are own history.

Apart from those already mentioned in our ‘conventional history books’, there are lots of interesting and mysterious stories about human civilization that just leaves us guessing.

Here we present to you 10 of the most amazing and odd discoveries today!

1. The London Artefact


This unique artefact was discovered by Max Hahn and his wife Emma in 1897 when they were hiking along Red Creek near London, Texas. It seemed completely out of place. It is said that this extremely old hammer belongs to the Cretaceous Period… that is around 65-135 million years ago to you and me. Can this hammer really be millions of years old?

Critics believe that minerals have become ‘cemented’ around the hammer encasing it to the Cretaceous rock after it was dropped or left behind.

So whatever the reality, the actual truth is that man has been on this Earth much longer than claims made by previous records. Amazing!

2. The Fuente Magna Bowl


This bowl is very intriguing, it was discovered by a peasant at a property close to Lake Titicaca near the Bolivian and Peruvian border.

It has interesting zoological motifs and anthropomorphic characters carved into it,  and according  to experts the engraved writing on the stone bowl is believed to be Sumerian!

The Sumerian’s lived in Ethiopia and Egypt before the great pyramids were built, thousands of years before the Spanish colonials explored Central America so how did the bowl end up in the Andes mountains? Who took it there?

Maybe it was Viracoche… the Jesus looking god like dude who the Incas and Mayans say came from the seas spreading civilisation thousands of years before the Spanish.

Some say he might have come from Atlantis

3. The Hidden Character Stone


This mysterious stone is considered to be one of the main attractions in the Qiannan Pingtang National Geological Park.

It has some astonishing engraving on it which displays patterns on its surface which has been deciphered by researchers as Simplified Chinese characters and traditional Chinese charters that read: 2Communist Party of China Perish” or “The Chinese Communist Party Collapses”

But do you know it’s real mystery? It is believed to be 270 millions of years.

Could this be why the Chinese Government have banned all TV and films that involve time travel like Back To The Future and Doctor Who?

Do they know something we don’t? It was said that the Government banned time travel related TV so that people could not think about going back in time and preventing the communist party getting into power… freaky indeed.

4. The Antikhythera Mechanism


Can you believe that 2000 years ago an astronomical calculator was built by Greeks?

This amazing scientific device had innumerable advantages than drawbacks.

This invention will remain landmark in years to come. This is simply ‘marvelous’

5. Lake Winnipesaukee Mystery stone


The Lake Winnipesaukee Mystery stone is a carved egg-shaped stone made of a particular type of quartzite with several unusual symbols on it.

It was discovered in 1872 in Lake Winnipesaukee by a man digging a hole for a fence post.

The real mystery of this stone is that the actual age of it is still yet unknown and no one knows what the signs and symbols signify?

Do you have any idea?

7. The Voynich Manuscript


The Voynich Manuscript is considered to be most controversial manuscript ever discovered in the history of the world.

Even eminent historians can’t decipher its unusual complex writings. We simply do not know what it says!

It has strange symbols in a mysterious unknown language.

The whole world is waiting for its decoding, it could reveal some exciting secrets…I just hope it wasn’t someone’s shopping list!

7. The Giant Dinosaur Eggs


These fossilized eggs were discovered in Russia’s Chechyna region and they are dated back to 60 million years ago.

The detail analysis by scientists revealed that it is laid by a large reptile, but only Paleontologists will determine which species of dinosaur laid them. Until they are broken open or hatched I guess there might not be any way to find out yet.

8.  The Baghdad Batteries


Ok so this one is a little thought-provoking! Well ok, they all are…

It is unbelievable that 2000 years ago prehistoric people knew about the usage of batteries.

These were unearthed in Khujut Rabu which is situated outside Baghdad.

Interestingly these batteries were designed to transform low current electrical steam into power.

Simply amazing!

9.  The Piri Reis Maps


The Piri Reis Maps is a world map that was discovered in 1929 by a group of historians. It is drawn on a gazelle skin.

What makes these maps incredible is that they were created in 1513 by Piri Reis when the use of any form of aerial viewing technology was not available yet they are pretty accurate.

The map shows parts of western coast of Africa, eastern coast of South America and the northern coast of Antarctica which is under ice.

How did they accurately draw these maps? And how did they know what Antartica looked like under the ice?

10. The Stone Spheres of Costa Rica


These stone spheres or stone balls are commonly attributed to the extinct Diquis culture which lived from 700 to 1530 AD.

They are also known as ‘Diquis spheres’. There are hundreds of them dotting through out parts of Costa Rica and they come in various sizes.

There are numerous myths regarding these spheres. Some claim them to be relics from Atlantis or nature’s gift.

Some even think they are ‘Alien Communication Devices’ as you will see in this post Giant Alien Communication Stones Found In Costa Rica

Source- the spritscience.net

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