10 Of The Most Ridiculous American Laws In Photograph Form.

‘I Fought The Law’ is the brilliant ongoing photo project by Manhattan based photographer Olivia Locher .

In this unique series she has created a series of photo representations of the really ridiculous laws that are found all across the United States.

Each State has their own bizarre and downright crazy laws that just make you think ‘WTF?’

There isn’t a shortage of laws that can be turned into cool looking artistic photos as Olivia shows us.

Here we have 10 of her best, you have to ask, who would keep an ice cream in their back pocket and how and why did this become a law?

Was there an epidemic of men tickling women’s chins with feather dusters in Maine that required a drastic law to be passed?

Now as a serious tea drinker though I fully appreciate and support the law that does not allow wine to be served in tea cups, I mean where would the tea go? In a wine glass? I for one could not live in such a tipsy turvey world… Wine in tea cups and tea in wine glasses!! … where would it all end? War?

Here are those 10 really ridiculous laws in photo form.

image 1

(Picture: Olivia Locher) It is illegal to carry an ice cream cone in your back pocket at all times in Alabama… why? and who would want to?

image 2

(Picture: Olivia Locher) In Utah it is illegal to walk down a street carrying a violin in a paper bag…Eh?

image 3

(Picture: Olivia Locher) In Wisconsin it is illegal to serve apple pie without cheese in any public restaurant… I wonder what McDonalds do?

image 4

(Picture: Olivia Locher) In Oregon it is illegal to test your physical endurance while driving a car on a highway… why was this law even thought up?

image 5

(Picture: Olivia Locher) In Rhode Island it is illegal for people to wear transparent clothing… now that is a shame, I am sure some people look real good in see through clothing. 🙂

image 6

(Picture: Olivia Locher) The State of Texas does not allow children to have unusual haircuts… I cannot say how many children are fined or imprisoned for having a Mohican. Crazy!

image 7

(Picture: Olivia Locher) The people of Maine are not allowed to tickle women under the chin with a feather duster… for those fun loving couples a session of slap and tickle is just a session of slap…that is 50% of the fun gone!

image 8

(Picture: Olivia Locher) In California it is illegal to ride a bicycle in a swimming pool… however roller blading and skateboarding is ok… as long as you are wearing trunks presumably.

image 9

(Picture: Olivia Locher) In Kansas it is illegal to serve wine in teacups… but landing houses on suspected witches is ok apparently

image 10

(Picture: Olivia Locher) In Tennessee it is illegal to sell hollow logs… This makes sense, paying $5 for a bag of logs only to find out that they are hollow means you have paid $2.50 too much surely? 🙂

If you enjoyed these great pictures then please share using the buttons below and to see more of Olivia’s work please visit her website here. Olivialocher.com

Original Source: The Metro

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