10 Places You Most Definitely Cannot Visit – INFOGRAPHIC

The world is a mysterious place. We all know that. But, there are many things that our own governments keep from us too. Like the many secret buildings and tunnels that we may walk past or over on a day to day basis? Weird, untrustworthy? Some people even say a little spooky…

Everyone will know of the famous Area 51. Quite what really goes on there is a mystery. Alien craft or just a test base for new military technology? The US government are quite often famously quoted in films etc for “cover ups”, take the Kennedy assassination for example, its only recently been revealed what actually happened that day. For years the whole thing was covered up and the files were kept secret.

But its not just the US, take this Infographic below. Here we outline “10 Places You Most Definitely Cannot Visit” , ranging from exclusive clubs, underground tunnel systems and even massive nuclear fall-out centers.

But they all have one thing in common. You wont be able to turn up with your camera in your best tourist outfit and ask for a look around to take some pictures….

10 Places You Cannot Visit

So there we go, any other places that should be on this list? Makes you wonder what really goes on behind closed doors as the old saying goes. Please share using the button below!

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