10 Super Chilling Ghostly Images From Around The World. The Last One Will Give You Nightmares!

Now whether you are a believer or not, the paranormal and the unexplained is all around us. Of course it is, its just whether you decide to choose to believe in what science teaches us to believe or whether you are open to more “debatable” theories.

Take ghosts for example, I have not seen one – not have I ever really seen any clear evidence of one. I have experienced “funny” goings on like doors opening, or my kids toys going off in the night. But neither have made me think my house is built on an Indian burial ground and we should be moving soon.

However, I cant – and neither can many others explain the following ten ghostly images.

Some of these images are very famous and taken many years ago, but even those decades old cannot really be fully explained or ruled as hoaxes. For me, the last one really is very spooky. It may take you a while to see it but when you do “ARRHHHH!!!”

1. The Brown Lady

Arguably one of the most famous ghost snaps of all time. This is reported to be the Brown Lady of Raynham Hill. Taken way back in 1936, many actually claim that it is in fact the ghost of Lady Townsend. She was forced to live at the mansion by her husband until she died in 1726.


2. Boothill Cemetery Ghost

This black and white photograph was taken by Terry Ike Clanton. He was taking a picture of his friend when they were trying to reinact a look from the Old West. The picture was taken in Boothill Graveyard, Tomestone, Arizona. The two of them were completely alone, although when they developed the picture they took they found a mysterious figure lurking from one of the graves in the background.


3. Bachelors Grove Ghost

Taken in 1991 in Cook County, Illinois during an investigation of paranormal activity in and around the Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery, they were stunned when the photo of a tomb that they had developed had a woman sat down on it. The area has had many reports of sightings and hauntings over the years. They are adamant she was not present when they took the shot.


4. The Ghost of Freddie Jackson

In 1919, a group portrait of a World War I squadron was taken at the HMS Daedalus training facility. All seemed perfectly fine, except for one extra face in the crowd — the ghostly face of Freddy Jackson (look behind the zoomed in chap), an air mechanic who had died in an accident only a couple of days before. The squadron are convinced it is him in the picture as also only a few hours before this picture was taken they gave him his funeral.


5. The Girl In The Fire

This one freaks me out a bit. Way back in November 1905 a fire swept through the Wem Town Hall in Shropshire, England. The whole building was engulfed in flames and it was completely burnt to the ground. As it was burning its final minutes upright one onlooker, Tony O-Rahilly started to take some pictures from across the safe section on the opposite side of the street. He took many photographs, but one stands out above the rest. Take a look at this very chilling and shocking image of a little girl standing in the doorway not looking distressed at all. Nobody at the scene that day witnessed a little girl being present at all, including any of the firefighters.


6. The Ghost of Grandpa

This is quite an eerie shot. This Grandmother was moved into a rest home, shortly after she moved in her family took this shot of her enjoying a cuppa after the move. When they got the picture developed, they were rather shocked to see her husband had joined her in the move, only he had sadly died thirteen years earlier.


7. The Chiller In Manila (Sorry, couldn’t resist)

This looks like a ghost has just photobombed this shot of these two women! I would not blame anyone for thinking it was just that. Only the two girls present in the shot say they were the only two people in front of the camera. It was also taken on a modern digital camera so there was no chance of double exposure. Taken in Manila, Philippines just who is the translucent guy holding the girls arm?


8. The Watertown Ghost Faces

After a terrible accident at sea getting killed by gas fumes during a routine operation James Courtney and Michael Meehan were given a sea burial as was tradition in those days. It was in 1927 and the ship was on course from the Panama Canal to New York City when other crew members alerted the captain of “unmistakable faces” in the sea. The captain took several photographs, the one below is said to be the one which contains their faces….


9. The Ghost Of Newby Church

People have longed thought that this famous image was posed. But taken back in 1963 the photo has been scrutinized for years and nobody is brave enough to make the claim that it is indeed a fraud or double exposure. In fact, some experts are confident in saying it is most definitely not a double exposure. It was taken by the Reverend at the church and he claimed nothing was visible at the alter when he took the shot, only what appeared in the photo after was this enormous and somewhat evil looking figure.

the ghost of newby church

10. The Ghost In The Abandoned Attic

I had to save this one until the end. This shot was taken by an unknown photographer, there is no real back story to this other than the person who took this went into an abandoned house across the street from where they live. The original quote from the Reddit user went like this:  “A friend of mine took this picture in the attic of an abandoned house in the town where she lives, nobody had noticed until she showed me the pictures of the house. Look at the bench on the left.” 

abandoned house ghost

Freaked out a little? Whatever your thoughts are these images certainly will cause discussion and difference of opinion, some have been around for years and there is still no real explanation. Maybe it is best to leave it that way?

Sources: Stranger Dimensions and CafeMom

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