10 Wonderful New Uses For Old Shipping Containers… No 7 Is Immense!

I love recycling stuff and I love shipping containers put the two together and you can create some incredible buildings from hotels, bars, cafes and shopping centres.

We have seen building homes from shipping containers are become more and more popular and many of them are pretty spectacular as you will see from our post here…

You Will Be Amazed At What People Have Made From Shipping Containers!

It is no longer just homes now as more and more people are realising the potential of shipping containers with all kinds of structures being built many of them being commercial in use.

They are very versatile and can build structures quicker than traditional methods.

Here are 10 wonderful new uses for used shipping containers.

1) In Philadelphia there is this artist’s colony made from shipping containers on the boardwalk along with restaurants and exhibits.


Pic Source: Philebrity


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