11 Foods To Try Before You Die. Or, Die Trying Them! #6 Is Insane!

This is a nice little food post. We all enjoy sitting down for our family meals, having the relatives round for that summer BBQ, or maybe its date night and just the two of you fancy a nice night in with a bottle of wine?

I am a classic Beans on Toast guy, I like simple foods, so its unlikely I will be trying some of the foods on offer here!

What the hell are they thinking!?

Its amazing what different cultures and societies eat. Remember the McDonalds post we wrote about all the different foods they have on their different country menus?

Well, that showed a few sights – but this is on a different level altogether. Please let us know if you have tried any of these quite amazing foods. (I use amazing very loosely indeed)


Tong zi dan, China

This is one of the most eyebrow-raising foods in the world surely. The Chinese delicacy tong zi dan, or “virgin boy eggs”. These eggs are boiled in the urine of young boys and then served each spring in the city of Dongyang.


Escamoles, Mexico

This is ant larvae, which is from the root of the Tequila plant. The locals call this snack the insect caviar!


Fugu, Japan

Now this is crazy. The Fugu fish is responsible for killing around 20 Japanese locals each year. The fish is so toxic it has to have parts removed before it can be cooked. Get that wrong and its game over.


Grasshoppers, Worldwide

Not as crazy and unusual as you might think. Grasshoppers are loaded with protein and served all over the world. In fact, a Mexican restaurant in London, UK just added them to its menu.


Hákarl, Iceland

This dish from Iceland is a nice little piece of decomposed shark. The shark is buried in its own fluids for a few months and then cut into strips and hung to dry. Then served. Lovely.


Sannakji, Korea

Fancy some live Octopus wriggling down your throat? Well, that is what they have in Sannakji. They literally cut it up and serve it straight away. The tentacles are still moving on the dish…


Puffin heart, Iceland

A well known delicacy in Iceland again is the Puffin heart. The UK chef Gordon Ramsey got into s**t for eating some of this on TV. Caused a load of complaints – to be fair, he was just doing as the locals do.


Fried spiders, Cambodia

Ok, we are getting silly now. Fried spiders!!. In Cambodia one restaurant claims to serve over 200 a week. Where does he get them from? Are there little spider farms for food?


Snake wine, South-east Asia

Every meal needs a drink to wash it down with. I can’t think of anything better than a cool refreshing glass of Snake Wine. Just mix a snakes bodily fluids with a bottle of Chardonnay.


Witchetty grub, Australia

As eaten by Bear Grylls and many contestants on “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!. The Witchetty grub has been eaten for centuries by the Aboriginal tribes of Australia.


Century eggs, China

Don’t worry, these eggs in China are not 100 years old. But they do preserve them for months – which is enough to turn the yolk black. Again, lovely.


So there we go – a wonderful foray of food for you to try. Get involved. Share using the buttons below.

Source: Telegraph 

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