13 Crazy Inventions From The Past You Have To See To Believe!

You have to see these weird and wonderful inventions form the past to actually believe them.

Some are seriously impressive and look to be precursors for modern technology like the Sat Nav but others are just ridiculously crazy.

I mean come on? Who would sit a baby in a cage fixed to the side of an apartment block? Especially in the days where wall fixings were generally rubbish, it wouldn’t take much for the cage to pull away!

However I have to say that I really love the snow cones, utter genius, I want one for next winter!

From 1939 is this incredible and yet utterly pointless bicycle for the family complete with sewing machine and table for the good lady wife. One has to ask, when they dreamed up this crazy idea why didn’t they just laugh it off and leave it at that? A crazy idea!

4 person sewing bike

In the 1930s many people in the American cities lived in apartments with no gardens and someone came up with the incredible idea to create cages that are fixed to the side of the apartment block so babies can get some fresh air and sunlight. As if you would?

baby cage

Way back in the black and white days people were lazy, they didn’t like to read in bed sat up, it was way too much effort to plump up pillows so some clever boffin came up with wonderful glasses designed to read books while in bed… laying down flat.

The fact that you have probably never seen them before means they never caught on… strangely.

bed glasses

This next invention should be issued to every office in the country; it would look so cool and maybe more work what get done. What do you say? … What the hell is it?

Well believe it or not this is a helmet called the Isolator from 1925 was designed to increase a person’s focus by rendering them deaf, allowing them to only see through a small slit blanking out all distractions while pumping in fresh oxygen.

Does it work? I guess not because you do not see many people wearing them!


This incredible invention from 1931 is actually now being used today with Harley and other bike manufactures creating one wheeled bikes.

To be honest they look seriously cool and very futuristic, well the modern ones do but still… this beast from the early 1903s could hit a top speed of 93 mph!

one wheeled motorcycle

A modern version Photo Credit


In 1963 the Cat-Mew Machine was invented in Japan, its purpose was to scare off rats and mice by emitting a meow sound throughout the day. Its eyes light up too which makes it more scary I guess!?!?

The idea was right, unfortunately rats and mice are not scared off by meows but they do not like certain sounds at specific frequencies.

rat scarer

This incredible looking machine is the 1930’s equivalent of today’s Sat Nav.

It was designed to help people by auto scrolling through a map in real time. I wonder what would happen if you took a wrong turning?

The idea was there, just not the technology.


I LOVE THESE! Snow Cones or Face Cones as they were called were a fashionable way to protect yourself during snowstorms in 1939. I want one!

snow coons

Today skin cancer is a big concern for people being out in the sun too long but way back in the 1920’s women were protected from the sun by this terrifying full face mask.

I say women were protected, I don’t know if any others actually wore them or if it was just this woman in the photo.

Doesn’t she look happy to be in it?

swimming mask

Before we had Google Glasses we had these incredible TV glasses.

Invented in 1963 these bad boys never became popular mainly due to the fact the aerials took people’s eyes out and were then unable to buy their own pair!

tv head set

Now this is pretty impressive, this is an elevator garage in Chicago in 1936, to be honest I can see this happening again in the near future if it isn’t yet already happening.

vertical car garage

Vending machines are seen everywhere these days especially in gyms and offices but I doubt this ice cold whisky dispenser would be seen in offices these days.

Many workers might enjoy the odd sniff now and then at work like they did back in the 1950s but I cannot see it happening to be honest.

whisky vending machine

And finally from 1921 we have this incredible picture of a Police officer on a Harley Davison bike with an unusual sidecar.

This is an early meat wagon known as mobile booking/holding cell. Transporting criminals to the cop shop in one of these could have been a hairy ride.

If it happened today many coppers would be spat at, kicked and punched off the bike, now we see why they were swapped for sealed vans!

Police bike and cage

So there you have it, 13 incredible inventions from yesteryear, If you enjoyed it please share using the buttons below 🙂

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