Would You Want To Live In These 13 Places? Google Street View Showing The Worlds Worst Places To Live.

9. Bucharest, Romania.


This place is located in Bucharest, Romania. It is famous for high crimes, drug peddling and mafias. A destination to look out for some real high profile ‘Godfathers’.

10. Józsefváros, Budapest, Hungary

11. The Jane and Finch district of Toronto, Canada  11

‘Avoid’ is best advice when it comes to the safety of this place.

12. The Golyanovo District in Moscow, Russia

You should be careful when asking anyone for directions. Something scary might be waiting for you at this place.

13. Houston’s Fifth Ward.13

So are you a curious explorer and planning a trip for your upcoming summer vacation? Want to visit these places?

Well don’t forget to keep in mind the various pros and cons associated with these dangerous places.

On a more positive note we the team of CoolsandFools believe that every place has its own share of both worlds, there are bad parts but there are also good parts and they are often just a small walk or a bus ride away.

A stay in these places would probably make your vacation a golden memory to cherish forever and ever!


Source- viralnova.com

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