15 Ridiculous Water Slides That Will Make Your Heart Stop! The Last One Is Mental!

Are you a fan of water parks?! Hell yes, I don’t know anyone who isn’t – no matter what the age – lol! It tends to bring out the big kid in everyone. Here today we have 15 of the most amazing water slides on the planet.

I have not heard or seen half of these, some will almost certainly have some health warnings by them if not all of them!

The next time you are on holiday abroad make sure you check out the water park, and then compare it to one in this selection. Sorry, but unless you are actually AT one of these parks it is sure to fall some way short.

So, here in no particular order is the list of the greatest, craziest water slides out there. Let us know if you have been to any….

1. Insano – Beach Park, Brazil


2. Leap of Faith – Paradise Island, The Bahamas (Yes, they are sharks where the slide passes underwater……)


3. Summit Plummit – Bay Lake, Florida


4. Walhalla Wave – San Antonio, Texas, USA (A Zero gravity wall, 3 person ride!)


5. The Cyclone – Edmonton, Canada


6. Summit Tower – Ontario, Canada


7. Behemoth Bowl – Guangdong, China


8. Aqualoop – Terme 3000 Water Park, Slovenia


9. Twister And Speedy – Lutzmannsburg, Austria


10. Brain Wash – Orlando, Florida (One that I have been on – crazy!….)



11. L2 – Woergl, Austria


12. Epic Plunge – Norwegian Cruise Ship



13. The Wildebeest – Santa Claus, Indiana, USA



14. Scorpion’s Tail – Wisconsin, USA



15. Tantrum Alley – Dubai, United Arab Emirates




So there we have it – have you been on any of these? They look crazy….

Source: WhereCoolThingsHappen

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