15 Defining Moments In History Caught On Video By British Pathé News

This is an extraordinary find. The popular and world famous British newsreel British Pathé News have uploaded their vaults on to YouTube and there are 3500 hours and 85,000 great videos to be found in their back catalogue.

Today we wanted to share with you 15 great moments that were caught on camera that defined history. We have the days leading up to the second world war as we look at Third Reich Berlin in the 1930s and we have the shocking footage of the allies finding the horrors of the Nazi death camps when the war had ended.

The incredible historic moment when a black athlete won a medal at the Berlin Olympics in front of racist and facist Adolf Hitler, there is also the moment when Arnold Schwarzenegger won Mr Universe throwing him onto the path of an incredible career.

There is great footage of Japanese Kamakazi pilots attacking US warships in the second world war as well as the incredible footage of men cleaning windows on New Yorks Empire State Building.

There really are too many films to share but we chose 15 of the best and we couldn’t miss out the Royal Coronation of Britains Queen Elizabeth and her Father King George VI along with the day the British Empire lost the other jewel in its crown by handing independence over to India and Pakistan.

As it is the anniversary we have included a Titanic news reel too.

We have also thrown in some Playboy Bunny Girls, Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich and the Beatles for a sprinkle of fun 🙂

Watch them and enjoy this incredible look back in history.

Berlin (1930-1939)

The Coronation Of Their Majesties King George VI And Queen Elizabeth

Arnold Schwarzenegger Wins Mr Universe (1969)

Hindenburg Disaster Real Footage (1937)

Window Cleaners on The Empire State Building – 1938

Tacoma Bridge Collapse

First Flying Platform – 1955 Hover Board

Playboy Bunny Girls and The Playboy Club

Beatles Singing in Concert and Backstage with the Fab Four (1963)

India’s Independence Day, 1947

Suicide Bomber Pilots, Footage from WW2, 1945

Titanic and Survivors – Genuine 1912 Footage

Holocaust Uncovered (1945) – WARNING: Distressing Images

1966 World Cup Final (Part 1) – England beat West Germany

Jesse Owens Wins 100m Olympic Gold in front of Hitler at 1936 Olympics

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