15 Iconic TV Vehicles Have Been Transformed Into Warrior Robots

Here at CoolsandFools we like to bring you things which are new as well as extremely cool.

Today we wanted to share with you these excellent pictures which have been created by Canadian artist Darren Rawlings.

Darren runs ThinkMore Studios based in Ontario Canada and he has taken 15 iconic vehicles of yesteryear TV and turned them into Transformers.

He has kept to the original feel of the Transformers cartoon which was hugely popular way back in early 1980’s. I personally remember it well 🙂


Image: Darren Rawlings

First up we have the Batmobile that was in the original 1960’s TV series. This Transformer has a look of a Gothic doorman, ‘Your names not down, you’re not coming in son’


Image: Darren Rawlings

Darren couldn’t decide which Batmobile to do so he did two and here is the one from Tim Burton’s film version of Batman from 1989. Hence the names 8T-9 and 6T-6 🙂


Image: Darren Rawlings

This is what Darren believes the A-Teams popular GMC Vandura would have looked like as a Transformer. There is a hint of Mr T in there, after all Transformers were warriors so who better to be based on than Mr Bad Attitude himself B.A. Baracus.


Image: Darren Rawlings

Bigfoot was a monster truck that regularly crushed cars by driving over them with those huge wheels, here is the Transformer version with a huge bam hammer ready for battle.


Image: Darren Rawlings

Back To The Future introduced us to the time travelling DeLorean car and Darren has transformed it into a time travelling and skateboarding Transformer. what I want to know is… does it still rely on the flux capacitor?


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