18 Food Name Fails:18 Foreign Foods With Badly Chosen English Names For Marketing

These Foreign Foods With English Names Are Soooo Bad They Are Laughable

We have some great food products that have been given English names to make them sound ‘better’ for marketing and yet this marketing has failed badly.

Some are products the just have unfortunately bad names

Would you like to drink Urinal tea? Maybe you would like a glass of Pet Sweat?

Maybe you are looking for a Golden Gaytime or just something that Tastes Like Grandma?

Have you ever wondered what a Jew’s Ear Juice tastes like or maybe you would like to chomp on a Homo Sausage? 🙂

Are you a slut? If yes then there is a soup made specifically for you.


“God I am thirsty, I need a drink gimme some water”

” Will pet sweat do?”

” errr no!”


Soooo is rape the name of the plant or is this where rohypnol comes from? I guess adding it to a salad is easier than trying to spike a drink.


“Hmmmmm you only get an ‘ooo’ from Typhoo” and you get herpes and other nasty diseases from drinking from the Urinal.


“Mum this jam tastes like grandma”

“Ok stop eating it and throw it away, it must have gone off, your grandma usually smells of dirt and stale wee so I am sure she doesn’t taste nice.”


Who is looking for a Golden Gaytime? Oh Myyyyyy


“Finger Marie anyone?”

“well if her and husband doesn’t mind I will give it a go… oh sorry you mean a biscuit”


I thought child labour was banned, obviously not, this company hires them to shred meat.


Eat this licorice and you will be left growing green and visible from space.


Oh Myyyyy, gay pasta.


Anyone want Ayds?


Is this a food or a sad true story?


If you have a cream colon then you better get yourself to the doctors quickly.


“Excuse me bartender but this cola tastes of pee!”

“Yes… and?”


“You only get an Oh Myyyy with a Homo Sausage”


Hmmmmm sounds tasty, I wonder if it differs in taste much from a Muslim’s ear juice?


“Need to get high and kiss the sky but do not like the taste of normal crack? Then you need Shrimp Flavored Crack”


“It’s ok, get it down you lad, it is only puke”


Well there you have it, 18 great tasting foods from overseas that I am sure you are all dying to taste 🙂

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Original Source: AmplifyingGlass

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