19 Unbelievable Yahoo Questions That Will Make You Weep!

Just when you thought mankind couldn’t get any worse or any more stupid, pop over to Yahoo Answers (formerly Yahoo Questions) and you will find a lot of strange questions which will make you wonder if these people ever spent a day in school.

1. Only real spells please, none of those pretend ones.

yahoo 1

Via collegehumor.com

2. Really? I mean really?

yahoo 2

Via thoughtcatalog.com

3. The big skeleton con

yahoo 3

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yahoo 4

Via complex.com

5. Come on!?!?!? You passed it out of your Wizards sleeve!

yahoo 5

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6. I am losing the will to live here!

yahoo 6

Via thoughtcatalog.com

7. If you could please sign your name here Jesus Christ in this box to say you received your penis enlarger and I will get on my way.

yahoo 7

Via thoughtcatalog.com

8. Why do you want to?

yahoo 8

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9. Hmmmm some might say it simply melted, others may say the stomach acid turned it into broccoli…. maybe.

yahoo 9

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10. He is as much of a vampire as you are normal my dear!

yahoo 10

Via collegehumor.com

11. It is your lucky day, bring your camera because Canada have flying moose.

yahoo 11

Via thoughtcatalog.com

12. Did you really need to ask?

yahoo 12

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13. Interesting, I wonder what the answer was.

yahoo 13

Via buzzfeed.com

14. Those poor lizards.

yahoo 14

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15. Well Lizzy Waterworth, the dirty look you got was because you didn’t wait for the ant to step off of the puppy!

yahoo 15

Via answers.yahoo.com

16. Gay crocodiles… Oh Myyyyyy

yahoo 16

Via buzzfeed.com

17. Gay turtles?… Oh Myyyyy

yahoo 17

Via buzzfeed.com

18. Yes, yes I do.

yahoo 18

Via buzzfeed.com

19. Yes, yes it is.

yahoo 19

Via thoughtcatalog.com

If you thought these were funny we have another 19 to share with you another day! Remember please share this with your friends by using the buttons below. 🙂

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