20 Cool Design Ideas You Don’t See Everyday… But Should

These 20 cool design ideas are excellent and we need to see more of these quirky things all over to break up the dullness of the modern world.

I mean, who wouldn’t love stepping out of bed and then climbing into their very own water slide leading from their closet to an indoor swimming pool below?

Or imagine wandering around busy city streets and coming across phone boxes filled with fish, ideal for watching and de stressing.

Maybe you would like to sit in the back seat of a classic car and swing! 🙂

Scroll down and you will see a Star Wars inspired fridge door which is simply excellent. A Dr Who inspired storage unit ideal for any child’s room.

We have a brilliant cross breed between a well known scooter and a Segway that I know you will love.

This is really cool design, imagine going to toilet and looking down. Scary or what, at least it will help you pee 🙂

cool 1 - Copy

Another excellent toilet floor idea, again this could help you go by scaring the living shit out of you, especially if you have had one beer too many or you are one of those illicit and illegal substance taking types… imaging tripping or having a bad come down and looking down to see this floor!!

cool 2 - Copy

This is ideal for those cold and wet nights when walking down a dark lane or ally to get away from the rain, it helps you to see where you are going and scares the bejeezus out of the drunk hobo living in the alley.

cool 3 - Copy

I love this, I ask, what man does not want this fridge with the door of Han Solo frozen into it as seen in the ‘Return Of The Jedi’? Pure brilliance.

cool 4 - Copy

Bit of fun, here is an ideal T-Shirt for those who like a drink or two.

cool 5 - Copy

I needed this when I worked in the building trade, this is an excellent T-Shirt design to change the way we look at builders bums… I do not suggest wearing one though when working in a prison. Bad idea me thinks!

cool 6 - Copy

This is a cool design for a baby’s top, feed them too many apples in a day and you get this…  iPoo’d, see what I did there? 🙂

cool 7 - Copy

I have no idea where this Homer Simpson escalator is but every shopping centre needs one and I do mean EVERY ONE! Genius.

cool 8 - Copy

As far as the advertising industry goes, this is probably the best form of bus advertising I have ever seen. It is fun and quirky and makes men look like women having a good pampering session. Brilliant.

cool 9 - Copy

“Wait lady!!!” oh I see, another excellent bus advert, when the doors open the sharks mouth opens and when the doors close so does the sharks mouth making it look like people are being eaten by Jaws!

cool 10 - Copy

I love tea, I love cookies, I also love the Cookie Monster so this cup is ideal for me… it has a cookie shelf in the bottom and is the Cookie Monster, what is there not to want you to go out buy it? COOKIIIIIEEEESSS

cool 11 - Copy

After several beers this is what all pool tables look like to me! 🙂 This would be cool to play on and it would be so different. Getting the right angles would be hell!

cool 12 - Copy

Here it is, that incredible bedroom with the waterslide in the closet or as we say in the UK ‘wardrobe’. If spending the day in the pool is ‘Nania’ to you then you need this wardrobe! 🙂 Get it?

cool 13 - Copy

Ideal for children’s rooms and I know many men who would happily have this too. This Dr Who inspired storage unit is in the shape of the Tardis. Brilliant idea.

cool 14 - Copy

This head has not really been stabbed by a mini but very long Samurai sword, it is in fact a pair of cool looking headphones.

cool 15 - Copy

Wow and wow again, this is really cool, I would love to lay there and watch the fish. I also know several members of my family would panic and not be able to fall asleep worrying if the glass broke or if we had an earthquake causing it all to fall in on them. Big earthquakes are very rare here in the UK 🙂

cool 16 - Copy

This I love and I actually intend to build one one day. This would be so cool on a warm summers evening with a cool beer 🙂

car swing

This is what the Japanese are doing with old unused phoneboxes. As most people now have a mobile public phones are not needed so instead of removing them all the Japanese have started to seal theirs, fill them with water and fish and use them as street aquariums in their cities. Brilliant with a capital B


I want one of these! That is all I have to say… oh and coooooool!

Vespa Segway

So there you have it, 20 cool design ideas that we need to see more of. These are fantastic and if you too think they are cool then please share using the buttons below. 🙂

Source: Hellou.co.uk & the Internet 🙂

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