22 Vintage Ads That Smack Of Sexism… Don’t Let Your Woman See Them! ;-)

We have 22 excellent old adverts that come from the Mad Men era. Hailed as the glorious period for advertising in the mid 20th century America many of the adverts were not the most PC when it came to women.

Many of the printed ads leveraged fear using sensationalism and defined women as being subservient to men. Which we know is not true, but those days were a lot different to the ones we live now.

If we tried to create ads like these now we would be up in front of the advertising standards agency trying to explain our sexist selves.

Not only were women expected to be subservient to men but a woman’s happiness was dependant on being with a man.

The advert below says men in those days were not bothered whether women were clever, instead they had to be pretty and er…. clean!

image 1

So who has ever asked if it was illegal to kill a woman? Was there actually a time when people were not sure?

image 2

Well, according to Kenwood wives are for cooking! Not my words, I think they are for cleaning too 🙂

image 3

I love this, just what every woman wants on Christmas morning … a hoover. I once told my better half to get the hoover out one Christmas morning, she did what I asked… then threw it at me. I think she needs more training 🙂

image 4

Soooooo, neglecting feminine hygiene locks you out of a happy marriage…. you dirty wench!

image 5

I tried this once, I blew into a girls face she followed me to the hospital with a police officer 🙁

image 6

So true ladies, work harder and you become more attractive… if you seem to be slacking we will buy you some vitamins to pep you up, get you dusting and washing making you sexy and alluring again. 🙂

image 7

Well it is official ladies, indoors you are useful but outdoors you are something of a drag. Outside men prefer to be with other men wearing sweaters…do we?!?!?!

image 8

Men buy a shirt and you can beat women, grab and kiss them and they will still look lovingly at you! 🙂

image 9

Being divorced or dumped by a husband or boyfriend was a sin back in those days and the best way to prevent ‘losing him’ was to avoid having bad breath. So says this advert anyway!

image 10

I love this… apparently women crash cars and a good reason to own a VW Beetle was that their parts were super cheap. Ideal if she drives home crashes your car and it needs repairing. 🙂

image 11

I really don’t know what to say to this one… I see nothing wrong with it, I still pull women at night clubs like this.

image 12

“Do you still beat your wife? Maybe you should never have stopped” This was an advert for an actually book for sale by a professional!

image 13

To be honest I find this one worrying, it seems a lot more sinister than just being sexist…. hmmmmm

image 14

“You only had one job to do between 5:30 and 6 this evening… still at least you didn’t burn the beer… darling” They were simpler and more innocent days.

image 15

If pregnancy is stopping her from cooking your breakfast, get her on these drugs and everything will be back to normal. God forbid that you should realise she is with child and make her breakfast… I mean, it’s her job right? Don’t be soft 🙂

image 16

Ladies, avoid being beaten by your husband by making sure your coffee is fresh. Seriously?

image 17

Women do not care if you spray them with water, because they are hussies!  Which is great news, tomorrow I am going to start wet T-Shirt fun at the local supermarket with a few buckets of water. I now know I am safe. 🙂

image 18

Ladies stay trim by eating grapes and nuts…. fnar fnar 🙂

image 19

If you are the shape of a pear, you are not a girl … well according to this advert… not my words or opinions honestly! 🙂

image 20

Am I reading this right? Are they referring to the aftershave or inciting rape? :-/

image 21

And to finish off  this excellent sexist fest… we have these great advert…. ‘women keep fit and in shape doing what you should be doing… cleaning and housework!’ That told you! 🙂

image 22

Ok so we have had some fun and teasing at women with this post but we do not agree with sexism however these adverts are still cool to look at.

If you enjoyed them as much as we have then please share them using the buttons below. 🙂

Original Source: Brainwreck.com


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