24 Ingenious And Simple Kitchen Hacks To Make Your Daily Life Easier

These 24 simple kitchen hacks are incredibly helpful and effective in managing your kitchen better.

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in a house and is referred to as the central hub of the home.

Managing it well and keeping everything running smoothly in the kitchen can have a great effect on the running of your life every day.

When you can find things easily and know where things go it can make kitchen jobs run smoothly, save time and keep stress levels low which has a powerful effect on the rest of your day.

My personal favourites are numbers 1, 10, 12 and 14. They are simply ingenious and I plan to use these in my kitchen.

1. A magazine holder makes a great cupboard door holder for long boxed items like cling wrap.


2. Shoe holders make ideal snack and packet holders.


3. Add velcro to oven gloves and tea towels to stop them falling off appliance handles.


4. Tissue boxes fixed to the inside of cupboard doors make a great place to store plastic bags.


5. Vertical poles make ideal spacers for storing trays.


6. Old salt pourers make great pourer tops for other items like sugar and herbs.


7. Old trophies not only make great holders for tools and brushes etc but they look pretty cool and rustic.


8. A wall rail is ideal for hanging kitchen utensils or cups from making them more accessible and creating more space in your drawers or cupboards.


9. Peg boards are ideal for hanging storage items like baskets which can be filled with lots of useful stuff like potatoes and apples.


10. Old plastic water bottle tops make ideal sealers for open plastic bags.


11. A pot rack as used in restaurants make ideal storage racks.


12.Paint glass jar lids with chalk board paint so you can easily name and rename your jars with their content.


13. Tins of soup can be stored nicely in an empty and modified box that beer cans come in.


14. Old garden rakes make ideal and funky looking wine glass holders.


15. Placing magnets inside small metal boxes then putting them against your fridge or freezer door makes great storage tubs for pens and pencils and things you need to find in a hurry.


16. Roll of brown paper attached to a board with a couple of rulers makes a fantastic ‘never ending’ shopping list.


17. Old plastic bottles make great storage vessels for dried items. Also they make great ‘rain maker’ instruments 🙂


18. Old shutter doors mounted to the wall make a great place to hang cloths and utensil from.


19.A desk organiser makes an ideal holder for chopping boards, trays and baking trays.


20. A bar fitted into your sink cupboard is ideal for hanging sprays from.


21. Used wet wipe containers are a great place to store plastic carrier bags.


22. Use the inside of a cupboard door to organise measuring cups and spoons along with a conversion chart.


23. Bamboo skewers in a cup make a great place to store sharp knives.


24. A paper towel holder makes a fantastic cookie cutter holder.


There we have it, 24 great ways to improve your kitchen and make your day to day use of it a lot easier. Remember folks if you liked any of these ideas please pin them on Pinterest and share using the buttons below.

Original Source: WonderfulEngineering.com

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