30 McDonald Meals We Wish Were Available Here. You Would Want Them Too!

It is very easy to think that you know what is on the McDonalds menu but did you know that every country has its own variations and meals?

I had no idea that any of these foods were readily available in McDonald stores but that is because it easy to become insular. These are available in stores around the world and you will not find them in your local McDonalds store.

I think it would be cool if there were a few special McDonalds stores within the bigger main cities if the UK which specifically sold these foods which are sold in the rest of the world.

It might be a world wide brand but the food most certainly isn’t the same as you will see below.

1. In China, Hong Kong and Taiwan they sell Black and White burgers which represent the famous Ying Yang symbol.

mcdonalds 1

Some say that it is also a metaphor for those people who are well connected in both government and organized crime, “eating from both sides”.

mcdonalds 2

2. The Croque McDo is the French version of the classic croquet monsieur ham and cheese sandwich.

Their take on a croque-monsieur [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Croque-monsieur]

3. JapaneseMcDonalds have this prawn speciality sandwich.

mcdonalds 4

4. Also in Japan there is the Cheese Fondue Chicken Burger.

mcdonalds 5

5. The Das Nürnburger has three bratwurst sausages and mustard and is available in Germany

mcdonalds 6

6. India’s McDonalds sells the McCurry Pan which comes with an edible bowl stuffed with savoury chicken and veggies.

mcdonalds 7

7. The France Burger uses a baked ciabatta bread instead of the usual bun and tops the burger off with a slice of Emmental cheese

mcdonalds 8

8. In the Philippines they sell a spaghetti dish call the McSpaghetti which comes with a side of McNuggets.

mcdonalds 9

9. In Italy the locals finish off their meal with a refreshing sweet kiwi dessert called Le Frescallegre.

mcdonalds 10

10. In McDonalds across Asia they sell a delicious fried pie combination of chocolate and orange.

mcdonalds 11

11. In the Philippines the locals can enjoy a sticky rice burger called the McRice made with chicken or beef.

mcdonalds 12

12. In Greece the Big Mac is flattened out by replacing the bun with pita bread.

mcdonalds 13

13. Turkey also sell a pita bread sandwich called the McTurco.

mcdonalds 14

14. Germany has the tasty looking McCurrywurst which is sliced sausage covered with tangy tomato sauce and curry.

mcdonalds 15

15. The Japanese can enjoy a Carbonara Burger.

mcdonalds 16

16. Hungry people in Hungary can fill up on egg, hash browns and veggies served as a sandwhich in a bun covered in pumpkin seeds called the McPumpkin Omlette.

mcdonalds 17

17. Another Japanese burger is the Cheese Katsu Burger which is pork stuffed with cheese.

mcdonalds 18

18. You could go with a simple McPork sandwich while in Japan.

mcdonalds 19

19. India does a tasty looking vegetarian twist on the standard burger called the McAloo Tikki.

mcdonalds 20

20. But for the meat eaters in India they can dine out on the Maharaja Mac which is basically a spicy chicken version of the Big Mac.(In India the cow is sacred so beef is not available)

mcdonalds 21

21. Another Japanese speciality is the bacon potato pie.

mcdonalds 22

22. In Australia the locals can enjoy a deluxe breakfast roll filled with egg, hash brown, bacon and spicy tomato.

mcdonalds 23

23. In Australia and New Zealand they have a Happy Meal which is a Happy Hippo Meal featuring Pasta Zoo.

mcdonalds 24

24. This one I love, in Europe you can get a beer with your burger. J

mcdonalds 25

25. This crazy heart attack burger which Elvis would be proud off from Poland called Kanapka Drwala is filled with pork rinds, a quarter pounder burger, bacon, deep fried cheese, sauce and lettuce.

mcdonalds 26

26. Canada is the home to the luxurious McLobster Roll.

mcdonalds 27

27. Mexicans can enjoy an English muffin which is topped with refried beans, cheese and pico de gallo. This meal is called the McMolletes.

mcdonalds 28

28. In Spain you can enjoy a cup of gazpacho soup.

mcdonalds 29

29. Norwegian’s can enjoy salmon filet wraps.

mcdonalds 30

30. The Malaysian people can enjoy a Prosperity Burger made with either chicken or beef burgers.

mcdonalds 31

People say you should go abroad to enjoy the local food and not settle for the safe food of the recognisable fast food chain but with so many local variations and unusual foods available I imagine that going to the local McDonalds itself is a new cultural experience.

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Original Source: DailyMail

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