5 Gift Ideas for When a Billionaire is on the Receiving End

We all know that feeling..you’re attending this party of a billionaire friend and you have no idea what to give the happy man or woman.

Or wait. I don’t think many of you are in this situation frequently. Don’t worry, me neither. But for the people who are, below are 5 gift ideas for the uber-rich. If you are on somewhat of a budget, check out this cool gift site with more affordable ideas.

1. A $19,000 phone

$19,000 phone



This is the Vertu for Bentley Signature Touch phone. It’s not even that cool, is it?

2. $1,8 Million Champagne

$1,8 Million Champagne



The world’s most expensive champagne. The least you can expect is that this one doesn’t give you a headache!

3. A $55 Million Private Island

private island


Monaco, Cannes, St Bart’s… these are all nice places to spend your dollars but there is one problem: You have to share the place with other people you don’t get to choose. Don’t be cheap, buy an island for the billionaire.

4. A $350,000 Porsche Boat

A $350,000 Porsche Boat


A nice little boat to take the spoiled one to that $55 million private island.

5. A $8,250 Louis Vuitton Skateboard

A $8,250 Louis Vuitton Skateboard


The last option is for the cheapskates (sorry for the bad word joke) among you. If you’re on a ‘under $10K gift budget’ then a special edition Louis Vuitton skateboard might be a good gift idea.

Crazy stuff – please share!

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