8 Incredible Unexplained Ancient Mysteries You Will Not Find In The History Books

rsz_11historyHistory in itself is an interesting subject which take us to a mysterious world of the past.

We are all well acquainted with the major heritage sites like the Pyramids and the Pharaoh’s tombs in Egypt, but you will be astonished to know that there are other archaeological discoveries that are considered historically important which are hardly ever found in our fat ‘history books’.

Archaeological explorations and various artifacts on there own seem rather boring unless we experience them in an Indiana Jones or Robert Brown style adventure.

We are going to take you on a historical voyage which will be both an adventurous and thought provoking experience of a lifetime.

Are you ready? Let’s begin

 1. L’Anse aux Meadows

This awesome settlement in Canada was built by the Vikings. Can you believe it has the capacity to support up to 160 people? What makes this settlement really ‘INCREDIBLE’ is that it was built 500 years before Christopher Columbus was wrongly credited with discovering the Americas.

2. Saksaywaman


This Rock Fortress is outside of Cusco, Peru- the capital of the Incan Empire. One of the unique feature of this fortress is that giant rocks of this complex compound are fitted so tightly that even after ages you won’t be able to insert even a piece of paper between them. We do not know exactly how they did it. Marvelous work!

 3. Mohenjo-Daro


Here we present Mohenjo-Daro, one of the remarkable sites of the Indus valley civilization also known as the Harappan civilization. It was built in 2600 BCE, and found in modern Pakistan.This is one of the first examples of perfect planning.  It is considered to be pioneer in the field of drainage systems that worked as a sewer as well. Innovative concept!

4. Gobekli Tepe


Discovery of this took the world of archaeology by storm. It put forward the question- How much do we actually know about the evolution of human beings? It was found near a mountain top in Turkey. It was pre dated somewhere around 9000-10000 BCE.  So this lays the foundation of Church and worship as the establishment of a civilization before trade and commerce.

  5. The Longyou Grotto


It is an extensive, magnificent and rare ancient underground world unearthed in China and considered as ‘the ninth wonder of the ancient world’. It has these unique tunnels covered with floor to ceiling evenly spaced 60 degree lines which are carved into them. Can you believe it spread over 30,000 square meters? This one is awe-inspiring!

6. Stone Spheres of Costa Rica


These stone spheres or stone balls are commonly attributed to the extinct Diquis culture which lived from 700 to 1530 AD.  They are also known as ‘Diquis spheres’.  There are numerous myths regarding these spheres. Some claim them to be relics from Atlantis or nature’s gift.

Some even think they are ‘Alien Communication Devices’ as you will see in this post Giant Alien Communication Stones Found In Costa Rica

7. Yonaguni Monument


You know what is the most amusing fact about this underwater monument? It confused even the most renowned archaeologists whether it is natural creation or man made. It is a massive underwater structure off the coast of Yonaguni.  This monument is an obelisk put up in such a way that it appears to be like a ‘turtle’.  This is indeed an incredible discovery!

 8. The Unfinished Obelisk


This recent discovery was found in Aswan, Egypt. It was an obelisk built on orders of Hatsheput in the mid 1500 BC which is left incomplete due to unknown  reasons. This is considered the largest obelisk ever constructed in the history of Egypt.

Are you curious enough to know more about these unknown stories of the world? What are you waiting for? Pack your bags, jump on a plane and unravel these amazing mysteries… or at least give them a visit. 🙂

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