Ever Wondered What All Your Old Toys From The 80’s Are Worth Had Your Mom Not Thrown Them Out?!!

Growing up in the 80’s did have its downfalls – but it also had some great TV shows and with that some great toys! Who doesn’t remember the A-Team for example? Well, did you know that a mint condition A-Team van (I had one!) would now be worth over $600 to the right collector!

This infographic shows just how much you could have lost had your parents not decided to cash in by dumping or selling all your old toys many years ago!

Sadly I did have several of these items. Although I did not possess the legendary “Stadium Events” game for the NES. Hard to believe this can fetch over $20K at auction!

Maybe after reading this you may want to dig upstairs in the attic, start rummaging through those old boxes.

You never know. At the very least you may have a few items that could be worth a few hundred quid!

You may have a small fortune lying there collecting dust!

Infographic by 80sRetroToys.com

Value of collectable 80s games, gadgets and toys

So there – go and start digging. (Or give your Mother a call……)

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