About CoolsAndFools

Thank you for your interest in CoolsAndFools.

We are two guys from the UK who love playing around on the internet and we love to read cool and foolish stories from around the world. We believe they need to be shared to as many people as possible not just for fun but because many of them can educate as well as grow compassion.

We love all kinds of stories and want more and more people to enjoy them and realise what a wonderfully cool and sometimes foolish world we live in.

We do not own any of the images and stories that we share; we just want to share them. If we do share something and you would like it removing then please click here. We intend no copyright infringement, we just share not use.

CoolsAndFools is not a personal blog or a business blog, it is a story aggregation site. Simply put, we want to share cool stuff and obviously some not so cool and rather foolish stuff. 🙂

So far it is just us two but if you have a really good story you want sharing then please feel free to contact us outlining the details of the story. If we like it we will publish it.

We do not intend this to be a short term project and plan this to last many years, there is so much great stuff out there that simply needs to be seen to be believed.

Thanks for reading. And thank you for visiting CoolsAndFools.

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