14 Ridiculously Addictive Computer Games From The 80’s That You Would Have Lost You MANY Hours

As a kid growing up in the 80’s it was all about the ZX Spectrum first, then I got bored with that and persuaded my parents to “upgrade” to the Commodore 64. But, truth be told I lost MANY years of my childhood on both. This list gives a handful of the most addictive games around at that time.

Whether they be copies I actually owned or versions I had on a TDK-90 cassette. Of course half the time the only way it could play was if we removed the outer case from the cassette player and adjusted the heads slightly – if it did eventually load we had to instruct our Mothers NOT to turn our computer off as it may NEVER load again!

So – here we go. If you are an 80’s child then you will most definitely remember some of these. Taken from the classic computers/consoles such as the C64, ZX Spectrum, Atari ST, Gameboy and such like…. The nostalgia….

Donkey Kong

And early entry from Nintendo – this classic platformer was simply about dodging the barrels! This game eventually went on to span a couple of decades through many different versions and spin-offs of the game.

donkey kong nintendo

Dungeon Master

Fans of the cult cartoon series Dungeons and Dragons would have been a huge fan of this game too. One of the first 3D style adventure games. Initially released on the Atari ST but then later came out on the other popular platforms.

dungeon master atarist


Who could forget Firebird’s intergalactic space trading game Elite? This literally got hours of dedicated game time – simply because it was so huge for a game of its time. And, due to its open-ended game model it allowed virtually every main computer around at the time to produce it on their systems.


Emlyn Hughes Soccer

Classic side view soccer game originally developed for the Commodore 64. Many a busted joystick playing this. Great times….

emlyn hughes soccer

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Can you believe the original work started for this game way beck in 1977? But it took a further 4 years for it to get officially released on PC in 1981. Since then, the franchise has gone on to make millions of dollars and releases many, many different version of the game.

flight simulator

The Hobbit

This was an adventure game that was 100% text based. I can remember trying to ask the computer various different commands that it clearly would not understand! Sounds so dull and boring yet it was highly addictive…


International Karate +

This was a fantastic beat ’em up on the Commodore 64. It was a toss up between this and “Way of The Exploding Fist” – but this just edged it because it was the first of its kind to have 2 on 1 situations.



Superb driving game from SEGA first released in 1986. Since then arcades across the world have been hit by this hugely popular driving game. Great music and great graphics for its time. Beating lap times never got dull.

outrun C64


Another C64 classic – so simple yet so addictive. A series of challenges, and all you had to do was reach the other side. Great stuff.


Price of Persia

The graphics and animation of this game were way ahead of their time. The levels were vast and the missions fairly complex, but the sheer beauty of how it ran and flowed is why is captivated the minds of many kids back in the day!

price of persia

Rainbow Islands

Get to the top before the sea rises! So simple yet so addictive. Many hours lost during this 1987 classic!



Phenomenal action packed shooter from Irem. This game was well known for is difficulty. In fact,  it earned 7th place in IGN’s Top 10 most difficult games to beat. It was relentless, but great fun! Named 6th in the Top 100 of ZX Spectrum games of all time.


Sim City

You build up an amazing city – which takes you hours or even days to do then an earthquake comes along and wipes the whole thing out. Sound familiar? Then you will have played Sim City. Frustrating, but highly addictive.

sim city


The last on the list should come with a Government health warning. I do not know anyone who has not played Tetris in some form or another. Developed originally in 1984 but first appeared in front of us commercially with the release of the Game Boy in 1989.


So, there we go. To be honest I could have doubled or even trebled this list. Great games from a great gaming generation. Please share this article if you are from this generation. And, slightly miss it……

With thanks to: HecklerSpray

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