Do You Fancy Sleeping While Hanging From A Cliff Face? Is This The Ultimate Adrenaline Rush Hotel?

Travelling adds new colours to our otherwise monotonous life. Exploring new places, people, food and culture shapes our perspectives about the world around us.

However, travelling turns out to be thrilling and exhilarating when garnished with a pinch of adventure.

Where every moment of happiness of a new life welcomes you and the fear of death scares you. Curious? Right?


This unique cliff-hanging lodge will give you the most enriching experience of your life. This lodge has some luxurious rooms which will welcome your and your beloved every morning with breathing taking views along with terror.


These pods are situated almost 400 feet i.e. 122 meters high in the Peruvian Andes giving the feelings of comfort and terror at the same time.

So after a tiresome day of rock climbing, you can have peaceful sleep with your love… hanging off the cliff face.

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