The Incredible Gif Photography Animation’s By Artist A.L. Crego

You are gonna love these incredible animated gif images created by A. L. Crego.

I cannot say too much about the artists that I discovered on Tumblr recently apart from that there is a photographer who also likes to create incredible moving gif animations using their own images.

He or she comes from Spain (we think) and as well as having a Tumblr blog where he/she showcases his/her gif images he/she has a flicker account under the name of Kanno Filth3 where you can see some stunning images so I recommend you pop over and take a look.

They also have a Vimeo channel where you can see some incredible video art made up from film footage and photographs.

He or she works under the banner of Still and Motion and likes to create art that is moving and still.

You can see their incredible video Co Lapse here Vimeo Co Lapse Kanno Filth

Give the gifs time to load and enjoy them.






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