Have You Been Abducted By Aliens? 15 Signs That Say You Were Abducted By Aliens But You Didn’t know… Until Now!

alien abduction

Do you wake up with blood on your bedding and pain in specific areas… like your bottom?

Have you suddenly become vegetarian and developed an out of character concern for the environment and the planet as a whole?

Does the TV go funny when you get close to it now and then?

If any of the above apply to you then maybe, just maybe, you have been abducted by aliens and probably wasn’t aware of it.

Many people have claimed to have been abducted by aliens for many years, many of them claiming to have been taken by the same species and having to endure the same terrifying procedures and ordeals even though they live in different countries, continents and come from different social and working classes.

The Majority of those who claim to have been abducted and had similar experiences have never met and many of them come from positions like being in the Police, the military and law which goes against the idea that people who generally claim to have been abducted and anal probed by aliens are hobos and alcoholics.

alien abduction

A group of alien abductees have put together a list of signs to look out for that could point to the fact that you may have been abducted by aliens and whisked off in a flying saucer.

The list is an edited version to the full list of 72 signs found on the Humans Are Free website.

Nigel Watson, the author of the ‘UFO Investigations Manual’ says: ‘Ufologists who use these indicators have come to think that abductees are chosen rather than randomly snatched away.’

This idea is reinforced when you find that many families have generations that have been plagued (or blessed) with abduction experiences.

‘Hypnotic regression is often used to recall this information but sometimes this is not necessary and it is spontaneously recalled. The consequences for the abductee can be good or bad.

Abductees might become born again Christians or become more spiritual and relaxed in general. On the bad side of the equation, they can take to drug, food and alcohol abuse. Their behaviour can become excessive and erratic.

‘What triggers these events could be psychological in nature, although abductee researchers think that the sheer number of people who report such indications rules that out and points to a common ‘abductee experience’ that is caused by alien visitors.’

So here is a list of some of the 72 signs pointing to a person being abducted by aliens.

  1. Lost Time – This can be from a few minutes to several days, it is a period where you simply cannot remember where you have been or what you have done.
  2. Unusual Marks On Your Body – Finding unusual marks like, scars, scoop marks, bruises and series of fine ‘laser’ cuts on your ankle is a common sign.
  3. Humming Or Tapping Noises In The Night – Not to be confused with the low sounds given off by electrical items, central heating and general ‘moving’ that goes on in a building at night, these sounds are unusual, sounding like they are external but many believe originate inside the head.
  4. A Feeling Of Being Watched – Do you feel that you are being watched just before going to bed? alien abduction 2
  5. Sleepwalking – Waking up in places where you didn’t go to sleep and you do not know how you got there.
  6. Seeing A UFO – Having seen a UFO or strange lights in the sky on a regular bases or even just once is a good indicator.Real-UFOs
  7. Need To Travel – Having a strange compulsion to walk or drive to somewhere without any explanation.
  8. Unexplained Medical Problems – Developing a sudden illness, sinus problems, fatigue, migraines or rashes is an indicator of alien abduction.
  9. Unable To Sleep – An abductee often experiences insomnia including nightmares like being devoured by animals with large black eyes such as owls, coyotes or wolves or dreaming of UFOs.
  10. Cosmic Awareness – People who have been abducted by aliens but who were not aware of it can suddenly become more empathic to nature and turn vegetarian, become more focused on environmental issues and the state of the planet as a whole.
  11. Low Self Esteem – Abductees can often live a life with a feeling of low self-worth and being inadequate.
  12. Blood On Your Bedding – Waking up to find blood on your sheets or pillow is not unusual. God only knows what they do to you.

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  13. Electronic Disturbances – An abductee often reports that electronic equipment like TVs, radios, computers, digital watches play up when they go near them. Even street lights have been known to blink when they are walked under. This usually occurs straight after an experience.
  14. Fearful Of Closets – Abductees claim to have a fear of the closets in their rooms or in the houses and have a compulsion to keep the doors to them shut. I guess the scary alien monsters come out of them at night!
  15. Close Family Experiences – Abductees  who are yet to realise that they are abductees often report that they hear close family members talk about the things that appear on the list like experiencing missing time, sleeping issues and bad dreams of ‘big black eyed’ creatures.

So if any of those seem a little too familiar for comfort then it is possible that you have been abducted by aliens and just didn’t know it… until now! 🙂

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