13 Amazing Things You Can Do With Bacon. The Last One Will Blow Your Mind!

Bacon is the food of kings. Everybody loves Bacon, well – not everybody. Certain faiths and veggieburgers are not allowed to eat it, but that’s ok because it means more for us!

This post gives you 13 mouth-watering ideas of what you can make with this awesome meat.

Bacon is not only for the ‘Bacon Butty Hangover Sandwich’ on a Sunday morning. No, there are many more delightful things you can do with it.

This list will have you running to the store to grab a pack of your favourite smoked or unsmoked sheets of heavenly piggy produce.

Whether you grill it, fry it or even slap it in the microwave for a blast there is no taste like it.

So, here we go – be sure to try a few of these ideas out!

1. Bacon Mash

Bacon Mash

Next time you have some mash potato – why not sprinkle some delightful Bacon bits in it? Yummy….

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