Would You Spend The Night In An Old Crane? This Is The Incredible But Unusual Luxury Crane Hotel In Amsterdam

Ever wondered what it would be like to spend the night in a crane?

No? We are not surprised as it is not something most people would think about really… I mean, who or where can you actually spend a night in a crane?

The answer is Amsterdam in Holland.

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A group of architects from various Dutch companies got together to do something meaningful with this old crane in Amsterdam. It weighs around 250 tons and 50 meters long. This Crane is considered to be the world’s highest and oldest mechanical structure. It almost rotted away before a team of architects and engineers came together to create a great masterpiece.


This whole project was considered ‘technically impossible’ by many but the team was efficient enough to turn their dream into reality. The project was really difficult as they had to create a fresh foundations due to the old one not being strong enough to house the rooms. The builders spent around one million dollars on the construction of each room and the structure was embedded with a thrust made from gold allowing each suite to rotate in the wind. Which is pretty cool.


It took 3 years to transform the crane into the ‘Hotel Farada’.  Its unique name comes from a famous Dutch heroine. It is situated at the NSDM site near the banks of the River lj. It is considered to be the best place to stay by the elite guests. From here you can enjoy spectacular views of Amsterdam. It has all the modern facilities like deluxe dining and a private business club for those corporate events.


Hotel spokesman, Edwin Kornman stated that nowhere you will find such a unique, big and high hotel like this.


So now the Grand Dame has finally become a gem in the Dutch crown in the form of the most luxurious Crane Hotel in the world.

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‘Hotel Farada’ it is one of the most sought after wedding destinations in the Netherlands. People often get married in the studio, sleep in the suites and celebrate their wedding nights.


Among the three suites, one of them which is 35 meters high has been built in the old engine room with a wonderful industrial ambiance.

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While the hotel suites are covered by glass panels offering spellbound views of the harbour and Amsterdam to guests, the crane also has a TV studio for music promotions and high profile television shows.

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To stay at the ‘Hotel Farada’ for one night will cost you around $500. But after enjoying the panoramic views you will understand why it costs so much to stay in such a unique hotel.

So would you like to stay here and experience something so different?

Crane Hotel Faralda in Amsterdam Dutchified

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