Are You Brave (Or Foolish) Enough To Enter These 5 Mysterious Holes?

Everybody has some apprehensions in life. Something which is unknown or unseen is always ‘scary’ to us. However, if you come across a dark hole somewhere in woods what would you do?

What do you think might be waiting for you inside of  the darkness?

Usually any such formation of holes is an outcome of geological changes which occur naturally. So there is nothing so special or frightening about these holes. But as an ardent fan of horror movies, holes like these appear very creepy to me at least.

Enough said, let’s explore. Who knows maybe something or someone might be waiting for you in the world of darkness!

  1. Devil’s Hole, Death Valley National Park, California1


    The name Devil’s Hole is a part of death valley which has its own share of mysterious and creepy stories. The legend often associated with this place is that if somebody ever tried to explore this dark cave they never come back.

    There is a story about a few kids in 1965 who went inside this hole but never to return back. So people believe that this particular place is somewhere you must ‘avoid’. It is usually filled with water up to 1,000 feet and this makes it a true epitome of a world of spookiness, creepiness and mystery.

    Want to explore it still? Don’t say that ‘we didn’t warn you!’. Be safe!

  2. Devil’s Sinkhole, State Natural Area, Texas2


    This hole has a very unique story to tell. It is considered to be an unusual hole with an interesting set of patterns which makes it distinguishable among all other holes we ever came across. This 400-feet hole with limestone base is home to 3-Million Mexican bats who venture out at night.

    Hmmm, I can smell something ‘really mysterious’ here. What about you/

  3. Hrad Houska, Czech Republic3


    You must be wondering why there is a photo of castle instead of Hole. Well you will be amazed to know that this castle is built on the very foundation of hole. Confused?

    There is a hole under this castle which is considered to be a creepy world of a ‘half-animal’ that has the ability to fly. This might appear like any normal sci-fi tale but it is true in this case.

    This building was done probably to cover this dangerous hole which could turn out to be your worst nightmare ever. There are various strange stories about this place. It is said that there was a custom where any prisoner would be granted a pardon if he was willing to jump inside this hole.

    It is said that somebody was courageous enough to do it… have a guess what legend says happened to him when he came back (fortunate enough)? He screamed out loud with all his strength and he experienced a sudden transition which made him look like he was 30 years old! (If he was 50 that would be good but I think he was a lot younger in the story!)

    This is unbelievable no? No wonder ageing cream makers want to say after reading this… ‘Look young, take the plunge?’

  4. The Darvasa gas crater, Turkmenistan (Doorway to Hell)



    (See more fascinating images of the Doorway To Hell Here)

    If you ever wondered how hell might look then we think it might be something very close to this. Since 1971, this hole has been burning like an eruption from a volcano.  This is actually a gas field located in Turkmenistan which emits a very strong odour of sulphur.

    One day few Russian engineers discovered something really unusual when they came across a huge sink hole with a huge reservoir of gas. To stop it spreading further, they thought of burning it off which turned out to be a bad idea. It is still burning away as it has for the last 40 years making the the area a dangerous place to live.

    Who knows what repercussions nature has in store for such bad human decisions? Isn’t this hell an outcome of human error? Think about it!

  5. Devil’s Hole, Manassas Ridge, Washington5


     The strange fact about this hole is – ‘No evidence available’. This hole is believed to be very deep without any limits. It has three-foot wall surrounding it and there are various local legends related to this hole.

    According to one legend, a man and his son went near this hole and found it to be ‘endless’ with mysterious objects within it. Few believe that it is used for secret operations by the government. The weirdest story is about a dog that fell in this hole and now often appears as a ghost.

    The historians and researchers are involved in continuous explorations to decipher the realities of this strange and horrific hole. Another interesting part of this story is that there was a file which compiled all of the strange stories regarding this hole. Guess what happened to that file? It also disappeared…  perhaps into the darkness of the hole.

    What is the real mystery? Did a chill run down your spine?

    We believe that it is not wrong to unravel mysteries but it can come with problems. Don’t be foolish,  before you set out for any such adventurous expedition or simply looking for an adrenaline rush, perhaps it is better to be safe than sorry.

    Be safe always!


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