This Is Unbelievable! The Incredibly Anamorphic 3D Chalk Street Art By Arndt Nikolaj

Today we want to share with you some extraordinary and seriously impressive chalk art from Arndt Nikolaj.

These pieces of art are just so damn impressive that we wanted to share as many as we could with you.

There are 20 breathtaking pieces which will just blow your mind.

Arndt is based in Germany but originally from Russian.

He creates works of art at many of the worlds best street art festivals and teaches his incredible art secrets at a private art school.

When you have finished looking at these incredible images please pop over and ‘Like’ his page on Facebook. (Link is at the end of the images)

arndt nikolaj chalk art 20

arndt nikolaj chalk art 19

arndt nikolaj chalk art 18

arndt nikolaj chalk art 17

arndt nikolaj chalk art 16


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