The Amazing Hanging Cliff House, Would You Have A Holiday Here?

This looks a fantastic house to live in, with incredible views of the sea, listening to the thunderous sounds of waves crashing against the rocks while sitting a supping a coffee.

I would love to live here. Would you?

Unfortunately the house is not real but a concept design created by Modscape Concept.

This house has been called Cliff House (Rather original name wouldn’t you say?) and is a 5 story holiday home designed to be used off the southwest coast of Victoria.

It can only be accessed by the lift which starts at the top where the car parking bay is and it goes down to all the other levels. (Personally I think I would park on the cliff and walk to the house.)

Even though it is still only a concept and an idea it does make a great looking holiday home. It is designed to be made by stacking pre made modules on top of each other which are then fixed to the cliff front by large steel pins. Sounds and looks wonderful! What do you think?

australian cliff hotel 1

australian cliff hotel 2

australian cliff hotel 3

australian cliff hotel 4

australian cliff hotel 5


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