Two Brothers Find Their Grandfathers Abandoned 50 Year Old Car Collection Worth $15 Million

This is an incredible story…

Curiosity often ends up giving us big surprises.

But what will you do if your search for something gives you something so priceless?

You will feel on the top of world right?

Well this exactly happened with two brothers at a farm in France where their search made them the happiest people on the earth. And so our story begins with the great entrepreneur, Roger Bailon who began collecting the treasure 50 years ago…

He was a wealthy businessman in the transportation world whose ultimate ambition was being a curator of world class pre-war automobiles. His plan was to restore them in a museum dedicated for common people to enjoy. Marvelous idea wasn’t it?


The amazing car collection rose to peak of its success in the 1950s. He had a dream of entering some high class car shows and his journey started right from there. A history in its making already


So this process continued for few years which led to collection of 120 rare cars in the world. Every car had a legendary status and history in itself!


In his collection there are vintage cars like Talbo-Lago T26 convertible onced owned by the Egyptian King Farouk and Ferrari 250 GT which we have seen in innumerable Hollywood films with actors and actress like Jane Fonda and Shirly MacLaine.


Unfortunately his fortune started to fade away like these cars…


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