Unbelievable! A Barn Crammed With Classic Cars Worth Millions Of Dollars Are Left To Rot.

This is an incredible story with an even more incredible set of photos.

Somewhere in Portugal is a huge barn crammed full of classic cars gathering dust and rotting away.

This is a big shame and a travesty, these classic cars must be worth millions to collectors today and they are just being left to fall apart. (We believe)

Just take a look at the types of cars that are being stored in the huge barn, they range from the 1940s possibly earlier up to the 1980s.

Rumour has it that this barn is outside of Lisbon and is/was owned by a former car dealer who during the 1970s and the 1980s kept the more interesting cars that came to him through his shop and stored them in this barn.

barn of cars 1

Once it was full he sealed the barn up and as far as we know left it, the barn has 180 cars inside it. We do not know whether he died but it is said that he paid the photographer Manuel Menezes Morais to take photos of the 180 classic cars but for what reason we are unsure as they are not up for sale, well they weren’t when the pictures surfaced in 2007.

They might have been sold on now but it is unclear and it is said that the dealer swore the photographer to secrecy of the exact location of the barn. What has happened to these cars since 2007 is anyone’s guess, I just really hope that they are not still being left to gather dust and rot away.

How many cars can you spot and name? Feel free to name as many as you can in the comments section below.

barn of cars 2

barn of cars 3

barn of cars 4

barn of cars 5

barn of cars 6

barn of cars 7

barn of cars 8

barn of cars 9

barn of cars 10

barn of cars 11

barn of cars 12

barn of cars 13

barn of cars 14

You do have to ask the question, if you are not going to look after these classic beauties then why bother? It is a crime to have these cars locked away and rotting to pieces when they can be lovingly restored and used!

barn of cars 15

barn of cars 16

barn of cars 17

barn of cars 18

barn of cars 19

barn of cars 20

barn of cars 21

barn of cars 22

barn of cars 23

barn of cars 25

barn of cars 26

barn of cars 27

barn of cars 28

Original Source: Intuh

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