Breaking News: Boris In Bung Scandal As Zanussi Shares Skyrocket

The conservatives election day has been rocked as allegations emerge that prime minister Boris Johnson received a bung from fridge freezer manufacturer Zanussi.

The allegations were made after Zanussi’s share prices rocketed after the PM hid from reporters in a giant fridge freezer yesterday.

It is now believed that BoJos moment of cowardice was in fact a well orchestrated publicity stunt designed to put fridge freezers back at the forefont of the public’s minds to the run up Christmas.

“Celebrity endorsed products sell by the bucket loads.” Said watchdog investigator Ola Fart. “There is no way an acting prime minister would hide from journalists in a big fridge during an important election campaign. It has to be a paid gig.”

It is alleged that the stunt could have netted Johnson a handy retirement packet before he stands down as prime minister today.

It is unclear as to how much Mr Johnson will have received in the bung from the white goods giants but it’s understood that fridge freezer sales went through the roof yesterday.

A spokesperson for Zanussi said: “Leading upto Christmas can be quite quiet time but yesterday we saw a wonderful increase in sales of our fridges and freezers. People can now enjoy a nice new appliance just in time for the big day.”

“Normally people wait for the boxing day sales to buy a new fridge meaning that we miss out on hundreds of thousands of pounds, but this year we are cashing in big time all thanks to our prime minister’s actions yesterday. And there are people who accuse him of not doing good for the country and the economy.”

The spokesperson declined to comment when ask if Zanussi had paid Mr Johnson a backhander for the geezer in a freezer stunt… or was it the midge in the fridge?

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