Kitty Karma Strikes Back As Woman’s Prank On Cat Backfires In The Best Way Possible!

I am a cat owner and a cat lover and so nothing brings me greater pleasure than sharing this video where a woman who is meant to be a cat lover enjoys the sweet taste of Kitty Karma.

She decided to prank her cat by wrapping cling film (plastic food wrap) across the doorway and then proceeded to chase the cat with a water spray bottle.

Hoping that the cat would run into the wrap and bounce back in a hilarious manner she set up a camera to film the moment only to capture the cat running right through the cling film removing it from the door way while she slipped and went crashing down onto the floor with a much deserved bang behind the cat.

If you enjoyed this case of Kitty Karma and believe she deserved what she got please share. 🙂

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