Tara The Hero Cat Saves Autistic Boy From Vicious Dog Attack! Incredible Video Footage!

This true story is not just cool it is incredibly amazing!

Tara is a family pet and incredibly came flying to the rescue of the family’s four year old autistic son when he was viciously attacked by a dog.

Tara the cat has been best friends with the four year old boy since he was born after being adopted when the cat followed the family home 6 years ago from a park in Bakersfield California

Erica and Roger Triantafilo took in the cat and made her their own, she has developed a seriously strong bond with their son Jeremy.

On Wednesday last week she became a national hero when surveillance footage showed her flying to the rescue by slamming into the neighbour’s dog which had suddenly attacked Jeremy and then chasing it off.

The following day Jeremy slept his way through the first of several live TV interviews, the first being with the today show where his parents described their shock and amazement at Tara’s incredible sudden act of bravery.

Watch the incredible footage and the interview below by scrolling down also be warned some of the pictures of Jeremy’s injuries are not nice.

hero cat 1

Jeremy snoozing away while Tara snoozes away during a TV interview with parents Erica and Roger Triantafilo

hero cat 2

Lifelong friends, Jeremy and Tara.

hero cat 3

Jeremy showing his love and appreciation to his best friend Tara as he calls her a hero for saving him from a ‘mean dog’

hero cat 4

Incredibly footage of the attack, neighbours dog casually walks up to Jeremy on his bike.

hero cat 5

The dog attacks Jeremy grabbing at his ankles pulling him to the ground. Tara in right corner (circled) flying in to the rescue.

hero cat 6

Tara body slams the dog knocking it away from Jeremy.

hero cat 7

Tara chases the dog away making sure it was far enough away before turning round to return to Jeremy

That Live TV Today Interview

hero cat 8

Bite wounds in Jeremy’s leg, photo taken by his dad Roger.

hero cat 9

The injuries required 10 stitches.

That Incredible Surveillance  Footage

hero cat family

A happy family: Jeremy, who has mild autism, pictured here with his parents Erica and Roger who are relieved that the injuries he suffered were not worse than what they are.

‘I’d never seen a dog just shake a child like that so violently,’ she said. ‘I just remember hearing him and the next thing I know, I see my cat flying out of nowhere and getting to this dog.’

In an interview for the local paper, the Bakersfield Californian, Jeremy’s parents said that Tara had always been protective over their oldest child and that she slept with him in his crib when he was a baby. They also have younger twin boys.

Tara became part of the family when she followed them home in 2008 from a local park. Erica is allergic to cats but they still adopted her and named her Tara after ‘Zatara’ which was a nickname given to Edmond Dantes in the ‘Count of Monte Cristo’ by smugglers which means ‘Driftwood’

‘We named her driftwood because she’s our little cat that followed us home,’ Triantafilo said. ‘She’s our little driftwood. She’s amazing.’

Erica also said that her 3 boys pull and tug at her but she calmly sits there and takes it.

Their neighbour was pulling out of their gated driveway when the dog escaped and attacked Jeremy, they instantly called 911 when they realised what was happening. They also called for his mother who was nearby watering a tree when she suddenly heard screaming and shouting.

Sgt. Joe Grubbs, Bakersfield Police spokesman, said the dog will be quarantined for 10 days then euthanized.

The cat has been dubbed a hero and a Facebook Page has been created in her honour.

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