Transformers: Scrap Metal In Disguise!

The staff at a Chinese scrapyard decided one day to make a Transformer statue from the scrap metal they had lying around them.

Their life size reproduction of a Transformer Autobot attracted the attention of lots of people.

The staff decided to carry on building more Transporters and built around 40 in total within 4 months. I guess work is slack at the scrapyard 🙂


Since they created their life size robots the scrapyard has become a tourist attraction pulling in visitors from all across the region.


The scrapyard sits on a remote farmhouse at the top of a hill in Jinan City in the Shangdong Province of Eastern China. Li Hung, a 21 year old PR and marketing student who is working at the scrapyard built the first Transformer.


The first statue had a positive response attracting visitors and customers to the scrapyard so Li decided to build a second Transformer and this time his co-workers helped him. Once they started they couldn’t stop or should we say wouldn’t stop.


The workers start by downloading images of Transformers from the internet and then gather scrap together to recreate what they see as well as use their imaginations to create unique looking statues.


The staff have recreated Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Megatron along with other popular robots. The largest sculpture is 60 metres high and weighs and estimated 5 tonnes.


As you would expect the sculptures are made completely from recycled material found in the scrapyard and they also have arms that move.


The Transformer sculptures are all for sale each costing 100,000 yuan which is around $16,000 US


megatron 2

Watch the video below to see the team in action building the Megatron Tank. It is in Chinese without subtitles however you can still see what is going on and it is very interesting.

5 Tonne Megatron Tank

[youtube id=”4AQ4bd0AH6U” width=”620″ height=”360″]

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