You Gotta See This… 30 Incredible Pieces Of Graffiti Art Done On Cling Film!

As you know we here in the C&F office love graffiti and street art.

We have covered a few styles and artists recently but this is slightly different to the norm.

Graffiti is vandalism, it is also art, some say it is one or the other… to be honest it can be both if done illegally on someone else’s property.

This is great because these guys paint on makeshift walls made from cling film or cellulose wrap.

They can wrap it around poles and trees and any where they like to create pieces of art in the places you do not expect to see.

This means they can paint anywhere and at any time without causing any long lasting damage and if the authorities wanted to, it can easily be removed.

I love this stuff and the 30 images here are not the best 30 images from the Cellograffiti – Graffiti auf Folie Facebook page but it is 30 OF THE BEST.

There was so much good stuff there I could have been there for hours. Please pop over and take a look but before then, scroll through all of these pictures and enjoy.

clingfilm graff 1

clingfilm graff 2

clingfilm graff 3

clingfilm graff 4

clingfilm graff 5


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