This Looks Like An Ordinary Coke Machine But You Will Be Shocked When You See What’s Inside… Will You Go Through It?

Having a drink or two is no more considered as something ‘taboo’ these days.

It is legal in most of the world, but in Shanghai you will find this interesting Coke machine hiding an incredible secret with a ‘speakeasy’ appeal.


Then have a look through the photographs below to explore what they call ‘The Flask’.


You will find this coke machine inside a sandwich shop called ‘The Press’ in Shanghai. It looks normal from the outside, but when you open it, you will find a ‘Big Surprise’ waiting for you!


After entering the Coke Machine that has no insides, you go down a secret passageway and you will find a hall named ‘The Flask’. It has a modern interior with a touch of naughtiness which will imply something really Kinky!


This amazing place was designed by architect Albert Caiola. His creative genius allowed him to visualize this masterpiece with a wonderful 1920s ‘speakeasy’ ambience.


Look closer at the wall, you will see a piece of amazing art work. It was created with the help of 25-litre bottles covered in fabric. It’s an apt choice for this incredible giant Coke machine.


When Albert Caiola was asked about the concept of ‘The Flask’ he said that it is an outcome of fun, with a light-hearted feel, bright colours and lighting to give a new meaning to this mysterious place. When looking through the ‘Coke machine’ door, warm, muted lighting and murmurs of bar patrons will raise your curiosity to an another level. You will WANT to go in and explore.


Whatever Caiola visualized, it really works in his final finished creation. There is no doubt about it, it looks stunningly cool!


So if you are in Shanghai and feeling thirsty, then don’t miss this place they call ‘The Flask’ especially if you are also hungry and want a sandwich from the Deli.


This place has the very essence of style, cosiness and comfort which gives you a kind of refreshment from your chaotic schedules and creates a perfect ambience for tete-a-tete with your friends while enjoying a few shots!


A sense of modernity and luxury is reflected in this bar along with that much needed serenity and tranquillity. It is an ideal place to go and relax in after a hard days work, sightseeing or shopping.

It really is a relaxing and amazing ‘secret’ adult paradise.

There are a lot of great modern bars but this one is unique among them all due to its touch of grandeur and classy ‘speakeasy’ feel.

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Original Source: SlipTalk

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