Giant Alien Communication Stones Found In Costa Rica

I love all stories of ancient and mystical societies or buildings from Central and South America. This one is probably the biggest mystery of them all, have giant alien communication devices been found in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is a small country in Central America that connects the Northern Continent to the Southern Continent.

During the 1930s, the United Fruit Company while clearing forest to make way for banana trees started to uncover loads of giant stone spheres that were buried in the jungle floor. These giant stones soon became garden ornaments and were moved from their locations before they were properly studied.

Many ended up on the front laws of fruit company executives, government buildings and the homes of wealthy people.

Many of the stone spheres got damaged and broken while being moved and some were blown up by treasure hunters hoping to find gold hidden within or underneath them.

Dozens of these mysterious stones were damaged by the time the government intervened. Around 300 stones have been discovered during the last 80 years with most of them coming from the Diquis Delta region.


They range from a few centimetres to over two metres in diameter and can weigh up to 15 tonnes. Only a few remain in the places where they were found, unfortunately many have been damaged beyond repair. Photo credit


It is believed that the stones were carved around 600 AD with most of them dating around 1,000 AD. They were all constructed before the Spanish invaded. Photo credit


Stone sphere at the National Museum of Costa Rica. Photo credit

Ageing the stone spheres is very difficult, carbon dating can only be done on organic matter and these stones are not organic. Any organic matter that is found on or in the spheres can be dated but that only establishes when the sphere was used or moved or when that organic matter came into contact with it. It doesn’t establish its creation date.


Another form of dating used was by dating pottery and other items found in and around the stones but again this is not reliable because different stones were found with different artefacts from different cultures and ages again this only determines when the stone spheres were likely to have been used last. Photo credit


Large Stone Sphere on the Grounds of the Embassy of the Republic of Costa Rica in Washington DC. Photo credit

It is highly possible that people over 2000 years ago found the stones and had regular picnics around them leaving pots and rubbish close by which is no way to determine the age of the stones is it?


Stone spheres at the National Museum of Costa Rica. Photo credit

The other big problem with dating is that the stones are now mostly in places they were not found so any surrounding artefacts and organic matter is without question new to the spheres and any tools that might have been used and left near any spheres would not be found.


Whoever is responsible for creating these stones had to be experienced craftsmen because the spheres originally had a polished surface. It is believed that the spheres are linked to the Diquis culture which lived in the area between 700CE abd 1530 CE yet this cannot be verified.


There have been all kinds of ideas and theories as to what the stone spheres are or were, some say they are linked to Stonehenge here in England, some say they are connected to the Easter Island giant heads. Other theories is that they are connected to the lost continent of Atlantis, some kind of astral marker seen from above like the Egyptian Pyramids or some kind of receiver.

What they were receiving no one is quite sure really, maybe messages from outer space. Many of these ancient cultures seem to be more advanced than what we believe they should be and when you consider the pyramids in Egypt and other structures around the world were built to mimic star consolations it does make you wonder.

Talking about Egypt, did you know the Dogon tribe from there who predates the Pyramids have a story that says their gods came to them from the stars in a flying vehicle and they have a structure that matches the consolation they come from which is part of the bigger consolation the Pyramids mimic? So is the alien connection a potential and valid theory?

The stone spheres are so unique and important they are now protected by the United Nations. UNESCO have declared them the heritage of humanity.

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